Despite the Feud, The Reunion of Dom and Hobbs is Inevitable

The Fast & Furious franchise has expanded to one of the longest-running movie series to grace the silver screen. Vin Diesel came onto the scene as the legendary Dominic Toretto who was investigated by Paul Walker’s character. A trope that was completely abandoned in 2 Fast 2 Furious. In Fast & Furious: Tokoyo Drift we met completely new and unrelated characters. But it wasn’t in vain. You see, the third movie had an easter egg at its end. It brought the spotlight back to Dominic Toretto. Ever since then, the franchise became more about “La Familia” than anything else. The switch in angle mixed with the action became a feeding ground of fans. Then Rock joined the cast and the series just exploded. But now, there is trouble in paradise. Dominic Toretto and Hobbs are feuding, yet our heart says that the Reunion of Dom and Hobss is inevitable.

The Furious Rock

Let’s turn the clock back a little bit. After Fast Five: The Rio Heist, The Rock became a staple of the series. He even diversified into his own spin-off stories with Hobbs & Shaw. The movie featured Jason Statham’s character as an assassin. He was the one who targets Han in Tokoyo Drift. But even Han returned to the series after having faked his death. The Rock never left, and we think that despite recent news he will come back up until the eventual end of the series. You see, The Rock and Vin Diesel have been having some conflicts in the workplace. Each one seems to be troubled by the other one for some reason.

They haven’t been very vocal about the feud. It’s just the news that travels through the grapevine. It got too bad at one point that The Rock implied that he may not be a part of future movies. But since then, the actors have seemed to communicate with each other and more or less, have resolved their issues. Whether it was an Ego clash or something similar, it is now in the past. The most glaring example of this is the public perception of the fight. Ever since the news of fallout, the actors have talked to each other through social media a number of times. They have exchanged pleasantries and congratulated each other on successful projects. The Rock seems to have settled down and the spirit of La Familia is spreading over the cast. They have been working together for so long, after all, they are also a family.

The Family of the Furious

The reason for the success of the Fast & Furious franchise lies in its values. The current scenario may be troubling. But the family will band together and The Rock will return for Fast 10 and Fast 11. His absence in F9 is a mere plot device. The writers are trolling us with a reach around. They want to build anticipation for the inevitable reunion. Soon the Reunion of Dom and Hobbs will take fruition. The Actors will rip apart your expectations with explosive action. TRUE Fast & Furious style.

The ultimate return to the old ways is exactly how family works. They band together in time of need and return to the old ways. They settle into a routine and create magic with their co-operation. And that is exactly what we expect from the Reunion of Dom and Hobbs. We want new storylines, hardcore battles, and sick cars, but we want all of that onscreen. We don’t want a feud behind the scenes. The actors have understood the sentiments of fans and now want to move onto better endeavors. No one ever benefitted from conflict. Well, almost no one, there are always outliers in any data.

The Fate of the Furious

In all honesty, we were pretty excited by F9. But we are even more excited about future movies. Without the rendezvous of two industry giants, we feel the movies are a little lackluster. They may have their own appeal, but the heart wants what it wants. An action-packed flick full of explosions and laced with a fast-paced narrative is the kind of things fans expect. They will not stand for anything less. We hope the studios and actors remember who they are making content for.

DO you think we covered all of it? Or is there an important element of the feud that we’ve missed? Would you like to tell us in the comments below? Dom and Hobbs will surely return, until then keep watching this space for new updates and exciting news.

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