10 Things To Know About Ron And Hermione’s Relationship  

Ron and Hermione might be one of the best couples in the Potter series and are also the most relatable. Romione shippers have a lot to gush about in the books and the movies portray their relationship well too. Their relationship is not perfect but it is real and genuine. These are some of the facts that Romione shippers would love to know:

The kiss with Krum:

In the Half Blood Prince, Ron finds out that Hermione had once kissed Victor Krum in their fourth year. The information is revealed by Ginny by mistake in front of Ron and it has some serious impact on him. He was jealous of Krum ever since the Yule Ball and he gets to know that Hermione and Krum were in touch even after that. This jealousy might have helped Ron detect his feelings for Hermione.

The deleted scene about Krum:

The movies did not mention Krum after GOF but they were about to give Krum a comeback scene in Deathly Hallows part 1. In the books during the wedding of Fleur and Bill Weasley, Krum met Hermione again and even danced with her. Ron’s reaction was obviously that of jealousy and this scene was filmed for the movie too. The scene was later deleted but can be found on Youtube.

Rupert Grint’s thoughts:

According to Rupert Grint Ron and Hermione’s relationship might have been cute but they might not have had a future together. He thinks that Romione could have been divorced in the future and that Ron would have a grim future with no job living in a one bedroom apartment. This shows how Rupert has a grim imagination and a dark sense of humour.

Rupert and Emma hated kissing each other:

In the last movie we see Ron and Hermione kissing in the chamber of secrets and even though the scene was nice but a lot of effort went into it behind the scenes. Rupert Grint and Emma Watson have known each other since they were kids and have grown up together. As much as we love Romione, Emma and Rupert see each other as just great friends and have more of a sibling relationship. This made it hard for them to perform the kissing sequence as they felt awkward doing it.

JK Rowling thinks Romione was a mistake?

This is probably the most controversial thing that JKR has revealed since she finished the books and we still don’t know if we can digest this. So JKR said in an interview that making Romione a couple wasn’t the best decision and that Harry and Hermione could have been a better fit. This just broke our hearts as we love Romione to the core!

The alternate realities:

Those who have read ‘The cursed child’ would know that the book shows some alternate realities where Ron and Hermione don’t end up together. To make it worse, in one scenario Ron gets married to Padma Patil (his date for the Yule ball) and even has a kid with her named Panju! Hermione and Ron become quite distant in this alternate universe and Hermione almost turns bitter. The different scenarios also prove how they always felt strongly for each other and couldn’t be happy without each other.

They got married young:

There are many couples in the Potters series that got married at a young age. James and Lily, Molly and Arthur are among them and one of the reasons was the fact that they were afraid they would die soon because of Voldemort’s terror. Ron and Hermione got married young too and even though the exact age is not specified but in the cursed child Ron expresses a wish for them to renew their vows because they were quite young when they got married and also a bit drunk.

Hermione becomes the minister for magic:

Hermione was always destined for greatness and the cursed child proves it. We all know she worked for social issues and welfare of elves even when she was still a student and later in life she achieves the highest position in the wizard world and becomes the minister for magic. Ron worked as an auror for a while but later left his job and worked with George in running Weasley wizard wheezes.

Their children:

Hermione and Ron have two children, Rose and Hugo Granger-Weasley. Their daughter starts school along with Albus Severus Potter and Draco’s son Scorpious Malfoy. According to the cursed child, Scorpius had a crush on Rose and their friendship is similar to Ron and Hermione’s as Rose doesn’t like him initially. There is not much information about their son Hugo who is quite young during the events of the cursed child.

The equality in their relationship:

We all know how when people get married their kids get the father’s surname. This is a regressive practice that has been around forever but Romione is too woke for that shit. Their kids get both their surnames because obviously they both are the parents. Their kids are called ‘Granger-Weasleys’ and we absolutely love that.

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