MCU Theory: Falcon Will Become Captain America Because of Isaiah Bradley

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is currently enjoying its run on Disney+. It’s Marvel’s second miniseries for Disney+ and the sow has just become the most-watched show all over the world according to Forbes. The show focuses on Sam’s efforts to carry on Captain America’s legacy and Bucky confronting his past, it will dive deeper into the emotional front of both the titular characters losing their best friend (Steve Rogers) as well. The show premiered with both the titular characters leading their separate lives and finally reuniting in episode 2 when Bucky learns that Sam has given up Captain America’s shield.

This resulted in the government quickly replacing Sam with John Walker as the new Captain America. This really upset Bucky as Sam did not respect Steve’s decision of him passing down his legacy to Sam. But Sam did it because he always felt that the shield always belonged to someone else, and did not trust himself to handle the mantle of Captain America. Now the real question, will Sam ever take on the legacy of Captain America? On top of that, who would be responsible for changing Sam’s decision?

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A new theory suggests that the person responsible for changing Sam’s decision will be Isaiah Bradley and not Steve Rogers. Sam’s history is closer to Isaiah’s than Steve’s. The forgotten super soldier also gives Sam Wilson a figure he can relate to more closely than Steve Rogers. Sam and Steve have both fought for their country. Steve’s sacrifice is highly regarded in the country, and he is considered a straight-up hero. Sam Wilson’s experience of America is quite different compared to Steve’s. But Sam still faces discrimination from the police and the banking system. The “bank scene” was more than enough to prove it.

Sam’s refusal to accept Captain America’s mantle is not just the societal issue, but self-doubt as well. Sam looks at the shield and contemplated the future, and instantly doubts himself if he has what it takes to live up to the name of Captain America. As a super-soldier hero of WWII, Rogers’ reputation took on a mythical quality. He was a walking unbreakable man of virtue. He was so virtuous that he even lifted Mjölnir in times of distress. Sam Wilson clearly views Cap’s shield with more reverence. Meanwhile, John Walker grins through the thing without care. Sam has a lot to live up to.

The reason why Steve chose Sam is that they are both military veterans, and according to Steve, Sam understands what a war costs. Hence, this very conscience will let him carry on the legacy of Captain America. Sam is most likely to regain his spark back by the end of the series. When Sam learnt of a black Captain America, he immediately went into a state of frenzy. He confronts Bucky, yelling “you’re telling me there was a Black super soldier decades ago and nobody knew about it?” The discrimination that Isaiah experienced in the 1950s is still a problem in the modern-day MCU. The maximum repentance that Sam can do on his end is letting the world that Isaiah exists. But he cannot do that as Falcon, only as Captain America.

Hardly anyone was aware of the awful experiments and treatment of subjects throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and possibly beyond. Hence, telling Isaiah’s story to the world will finally expose the government’s cruel torture on the sorry soul, and the very existence o the super-soldier serum. But those who were responsible for Isaiah’s torture or probably already dead, or imprisoned as HYDRA’s agents. Even though justice comes in late for Isaiah, acknowledging a tragedy that happened is the first step toward ensuring that it never happens again. This is where Sam will come into play.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier finds Sam questioning that assessment of his character, telling Rhodey, “it feels like it belongs to someone else.” Even though Sam takes down terrorists and threats effortlessly, there is something much deeper that is responsible for Sam’s decision to give up the shield. Maybe this aspect will also be explored later in the show. If Sam decided to expose the government of their tortures on Isaiah, it might help him feel like a better man. Sam would be helping Isaiah, and on the other hand, will take off the curtain from the government’s plans that were kept very well hidden for years on end.

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