10 Sci-Fi Movies That Sucked Really Hard

Science fiction as a genre has always been interesting and a favorite for Hollywood. Even though in the past few years it seemed like the audience had lost its appetite for it as many sci-fi movies didn’t do as well as expected at the box office. There have been many sci-fi films that were not successful and have remained only guilty pleasures for the fans of the genre:

Planet of the Apes:

Sci-Fi Movies

A group of astronauts crash land on a new and strange planet in the future and find out that it is a planet of apes. When Tim Burton decided to reboot the original movie years later with Mark Wahlberg and Helena Bonham Carter, people had high hopes for the movie and were left completely disappointed. The movie stands nowhere near the original and is almost hilarious at times and not in a good way.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash:

Eddie Murphy had his decade of success and then his streak of flops took over. This movie is a sci-fi comedy with the premise of a club owner trying to protect his club on the moon. The movie is neither funny nor interesting and is basically dull. Murphy’s quirky sense of humour does nothing to save the film and it remains till date one of his biggest flops.

28 Weeks later:

A Danny Boyle film about zombies taking over the world that didn’t do well at the box office. The film shows zombies in a new and improved version where they seem more terrifying than ever before but that doesn’t save the film from bombing. The attempt to reboot the original was unsuccessful and this film was quite forgettable to be honest.

The Island:

A movie with the combination of Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor in the lead could be such a big dud was a huge shock for the audience. Another movie by Michael Bay that focuses too much on explosions and chase sequences and leaves out the importance of plot and characters. This one was so boring that nobody cared about the big reveal of the Island.

The Time Machine:

Based on the 1865 novel by H.G Wells this film brought his imagination to the big screen for the second time as it was a remake of the original movie that came out years ago. The remake had better visual effects and sets and spared no expense but still could not recreate the magic of the original.


This is one of those movies that you can watch once and enjoy but not again. The movie shows the world ending because of multiple natural disasters and then turns into a kind of Noah’s ark story. Other than the impressive mass destruction scenes, there is nothing worth watching and we feel for no one in the movie and couldn’t care less if nobody survived.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Fans of the series were in for a treat as the series came to a conclusion with the last movie (unless they decide to make the prequel). Thomas and friends must find the cure for the disease caused by the flare. The film is the final chapter in the dystopian series but somehow didn’t do as well as expected on the big screen. The fans were disappointed by many things and believed it didn’t live up to their expectations.

Race to the witch mountain:


The original ‘Escape to Witch Mountain’ movie came out in 1975 and years later we got a sequel with Dwayne Johnson in the lead as the 1995 version is almost non-existent now. It will be fair to say that there was no other attraction in the movie except the Rock and it pretty much sucked. The two aliens stuck on earth and trying to get their way back to their home was a plot that had nothing new to offer. They even left an opening for a sequel at the end of the movie but Disney has still not gotten around that.

Land of the lost:

Another Will Ferrell movie that wasn’t funny or interesting. The movie focuses on a T-Rex and has some stupid jokes like all Will Ferrell movies. It obviously didn’t do well at the big screen and went through huge losses as it couldn’t cover the production cost. It is simply an unnecessary goofy mess that we wish we hadn’t watched.

The Matrix Reloaded:

It often happens in trilogies that the second film is not able to live up to the success of the first and this movie is a great example of that. This middle child suffered with complicated plot lines and forced characters and just couldn’t follow the straightforward lead of the first film. The last movie was at least better than this one and gave fans some closure to the series.

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