15 Insane Abilities of Black Bolt That Will Make You Bow Down To His Might

Black Bolt or Blackagar Bolton is the King of the Inhumans, an offshoot of humanity with enhanced abilities. The Inhuman race was created when the Kree experimented on the Human gene and its ability for latent superpowers. As the King of the Inhumans and the ruler of the Inhuman City of Attillan, He could be considered the strongest Marvel Inhuman ever. Presenting 15 Abilities of Black Bolt, the Inhuman King that will make you bow to his might…..

Electron Manipulation

Black Bolt is the genetic experiment conducted by his father Agon, an Inhuman scientist. Black Bolt can manipulate electrons to fly, absorb enough from the atmosphere to power Attillan for ten millennia and since the fork on his forehead, the instrument that allows him to control electrons is attached to his brains’ speech center, a tremendously powerful voice that can rip open the fabric of the space-time continuum.

He has his own version of Spider Sense

Black Bolt has a razor sharp and lightning fast protective instinct. But it is not an inborn trait. As an infant, Blackagar Bolton was gifted this power by his own father, the chief geneticist of Attillan.

Force blasts

Using his electron manipulation ability, Blackagar Bolton can achieve another incredible feat. He could focus the absorbed electrons into a beam that could melt steel or use it to drain someone else of their energy.

Strength to rival that of the Hulk

Black Bolt could channel his absorbed energy into his body, giving him enhanced physical attributes that far exceeds even that of the Inhumans, who as a species, possess much more strength and durability than regular humans. Black Bolt is considered a close second to the Hulk in terms of raw, brute strength.

The Master Blow

The Master Blow is a special Inhuman technique that Black Bolt has perfected using his own innate energy absorption ability. The Master Blow is a swift move that the Thing once claimed to have the strength of the Hulk’s meanest punch.


Black Bolt can use the tuning fork on his forehead to channel his thoughts into someone’s mind directly without even uttering a word. He has also used it to manipulate people’s mental state.

His voice can drive you insane

The reason Black Bolt’s greatest foe is called Maximus ‘The Mad’ is because Blackagar Bolton once screamed so loud while Maximus was only a few feet away that the latter’s brain was permanently damaged. Maximus turning into a villain is due to Black Bolt’s own doing.

Extra Superhuman Durability

Inhumans already possess an extremely durable physiology. Since Black Bolt is even exceptional among Inhumans, he takes the cake here. Black Bolt has survived reentry, a T-Bomb that ripped open the space time fabric and even the vacuum and immense cold of outer space.

Attract lightning

In Inhumans #12, the Hulk and Black Bolt went toe to toe. Since Black Bolt refrained from using his voice to take the Hulk down, he decided to use his electron manipulation powers to create an electron field around Hulk, reverse the polarity and attract several consecutive lightning strikes from a nearby raging thunderstorm on the Jade Giant. Safe to say, the Hulk was taken down easily.

Cosmic Awareness

Cosmic Awareness is an ability that allows the wielder to sense whenever the world is in danger and allows the user to identify what the threat is and its precise location no matter how far it is. For reasons unknown, Blackagar Bolton ended up acquiring this ability in the far future.

Superhuman agility

Step Aside Spiderman and Black Panther, there’s a new sheriff in town. Black Bolt’s fighting style utilizes extreme forms of acrobatics. He is so good at jumping around his opponents that the Thing once described him as ‘Silent Daredevil’.

Electron Force Field

Using his electron manipulation powers, Black Bolt could coat himself or any other object he desires with a deflective electron field. The field is strong enough to slow down an entire Spacecraft and stop it from crashing down.

Superhuman Speed

Black Bolt uses his exceptional Speed to augment hi own strength while fighting powerful opponents. He once used his speed and strength together to punch Hulk so hard that the Hulk tore through an entire mountain. Black bolt is also quick enough to dodge gunfire.

Matter Manipulation

Fun Fact: This was the first power Blackagar Bolton ever displayed when he created Toys out of thin air when he was just a baby. Black Bolt can use this ability to manipulate several forms of matter including turning water into ice.

His Voice can rip open Reality

When the Illuminati wanted to obtain the Reality Stone located at the very edge of Reality, Reed Richards had a solution. He devised a specialized soundproof chamber that could harness Black Bolt’s sound energy when he speaks. Blackagar Bolton screamed and the power input was so high that the very fabric of reality was torn apart and the reality stone was retrieved.

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