15 CW TV Superheroes That Possess Awesome Powers & Abilities

The Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, The Legends of Tomorrow. So many characters. So many superheroes. Why hasn’t someone curated them into a list already! Worry Not, QuirkyByte has got you covered.


The pyromaniac is not just a thug. Putting his past experience as a criminal to good use, his help has been indispensable to the Legends. On more than one occasion Mick Rory has proved himself a force to be reckoned with. In season 1 of Legends, he gave the entire team a run for their money as the bounty hunter Chronos.

He has proved himself quite handy with his nifty little Heat Gun. Watch out or get fried. Your call.

Black Canary (Old and New)

Laurel may have fared higher on this list. On account of her years of experience as a vigilante and a District Attorney, her understanding of the criminal underworld was precise and absolute.

Dinah, on the other hand, is still a rookie. Although a metahuman who can make your heart pop out with a scream but still a rookie. Both have an exceptional hand to hand combat skills. Worthy of getting placed on this list.


Amaya Jiwe is the Queen and Protector of Zambesi. Using her ancestral Anansi Totem, Amaya can channel the life force or Ashe of any animal. She can use it to get the strength of an elephant, the Enhanced vision of a hawk, agility of a leopard and….. well, you know the drill.

The reason Amaya is so low on the list is that her totem hasn’t bonded to her like it has with her Granddaughter Mari. Still, Amaya is one badass superhero.

White Canary

Who can not fall in love with the White Canary?!?! She is everything a femme fatale ought to be. Beautiful, seductive, and deadly. Her prowess was enough to make her the de facto leader of the Legends of Tomorrow. She may look puny and weak.

But her enemies have the luxury of underestimating her only once in a fight. Because you won’t be alive to the next.

Citizen Steel

Nothing makes my inner geek more happy than watching another geek being awesome. A historian by profession, Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Richards got his powers while on one of the many whacky adventures of the Legends. Check out his new suit:

He can now turn his entire body to steel giving him superhuman strength and durability to injury. He once stopped a train in its tracks with his bare hands!!! So next time you get in front of a bus or a truck, you know who to call.

The Atom

Ray Palmer has two superpowers – Genius level intellect and his bubbly stay-positive-at-all-times personality. The former allowed him to build a billion dollar techno-conglomerate and an advanced suit that could shrink him into the size of an atom or enlarge him to the size of a towering giant.

So he can be both David and Goliath at the same time. Interesting.

Martian Manhunter

J’on J’onzz is the last of the Martian species. An advanced sentient race with their own superhuman powers. After an invasion wipes out his race, he seeks solace in the earth. But don’t let his solitude fool you. John can wipe you out before you can say, Mars. Psychic powers, shape-shifting, superhuman strength and accelerated healing factor, flight. Jonn’s got the whole package.

The only reason he isn’t the most powerful in the CW universe is due to his pyrophobia. Given time, even Mick can beat the hell out of this guy.


Kara Danvers, or as our beloved Rory likes to call her ‘skirt’, is a Kryptonian by birth. And as with the only other Kryptonian, we know and love, she too possesses Godlike superpowers like her cousin. Strength, Speed, Flight, Heat Vision and whatnot. Kara’s got it all.

She has taken down foes no one would even dream of going against. It’s hard to top something like that.


When Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein get too close (pun intended), they kick up a storm. Viva la Firestorm. The only Legend other than Nate to have actual superpowers.

With a nuclear core for a heart, Firestorm can fly and possesses powers of transmutation. In the Invasion! crossover, he once turned a Dominator Superbomb into the water. Into Freaking sparkling water!!! Mess up his do and he turns you into soap.

Kid Flash

Wallace West is the Kid Flash. He couldn’t just be the Flash as it was already taken. When Doctor Alchemy gave Wally his powers via the Philosopher’s Stone, no one thought he was gonna go from being meh-cool to super-cool in such a short time. Time and time again, Wally outran the fastest man alive in season 3.

Team flash actually thought Wally was faster than Savitar. As far as speedsters go, Wally is still someone you can bet your money on.

The Arrow

The one who started it all. The Man. The Legend. The Guy with impeccable skills with the bow and arrow. Master assassin, expert hacker/tactician, expert detective skills, photographic memory, League of Assassins training, survivalist. The list goes on and on and on.

The reason he fares better than most speedsters is that he once took out Barry, the fastest speedster yet by himself. With time his skills have increased exponentially. Why Kara ranks lower than Oliver? Because Oliver has extensive knowledge of the occult. Guess what’s Supergirl’s weakness.

Wild Dog and Mister Terrific

The new Team Arrow comprised of Oliver Queen, Diggle, Felicity, Renee aka Wild dog, Curtis aka Mister Terrific and Dinah Drake aka Black Canary. But due to Oliver ordering Felicity to spy on the three ‘outsiders’, the team got split up but they do share a common purpose of saving Star city from the likes of Caydon James & Co.

Each of them is a superhero with unique abilities and powers. Wild Dog is really cool with guns and explosives whereas Curtis is Felicity level intelligent who invented T-Spheres (pair of automated drones)

The Flash

He is Barry Allen and the fastest man alive. Every season there’s someone faster than him but at the end, he proves them wrong all over again. Barry Allen has defeated foes to suck the living daylights out of the other heroes. I don’t see any other guy/girl defeating the likes of Zoom or Savitar other than The Flash.

After his latest escapade from the SpeedForce, he is flushed with massive amounts of energy. God knows what he’s capable of now.

Vibe and Killer Frost


Gotcha Suckers!! Cisco Ramon is the one to top the list. Vibe may look more like a wuss to you right now but trust me, once he realizes how powerful he really is there’s no stopping this monster. To give a brief idea of his powers, listen to this. Vibe’s include looking at the past, present, and future all at once. He can even look at alternate timelines. He can not only see into the SpeedForce but he ACTUALLY possesses the power to disrupt it. Barry ain’t got nothing on this guy. His Nerd powers allow him to counter anything Oliver has to throw at him. Once he realizes how far he can go, Vibe is someone you don’t wanna cross paths with.

Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost was the bad bad girl who tried to harm Team Flash but now she can control her powers and is doing amazing work to prevent meta-humans from destroying the Central City and saving lives.

Elongated Man

Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man was the newest member of Team Flash. When he arrived he could not assimilate himself into the team and took his work for granted. He can stretch his body to any limit and can reduce himself to the size of tennis ball.

He is a total bad-ass superhero with a super suit designed by Cisco after he saved the team from Trickster and his evil mom. He has earned the right to be part of Team Flash.

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