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10 Reasons Why Michael Keaton Should Be The Main Batman in DCEU

Michael Keaton’s Batman is making a return and that too in the DC Extended Universe as a part of the multiverse that The Flash will be establishing. There’s a lot of excitement regarding the project as it will actually feature two renditions of Batman. Batman movies are quite an interesting story for the fans but this movie will feature two Batman’s at the same time. Considering Ben Affleck has repeatedly mentioned that he won’t return in the role of Batman in the DCEU fans have been wondering about who could take on this mantle now. There are already speculations about how Keaton could actually be the ideal choice to take on the role for the time being. Let’s take a look at every reason why Michael Keaton should be the main Batman in the DCEU.

Make The Character Interesting

The 1989 Tim Burton interpretation for Batman was one of the darkest and gritty versions that were rather unexpected. It brought in a completely new transition to the way Batman was portrayed before that and it is a major inspiration for Nolan’s Batman trilogy. This rendition of Batman could play out very well in future DCEU projects.


A New Way To Look At DCEU

The DC Extended Universe has gone through some major ups and downs over the years and it is yet to be established how the universe will move ahead. There are some rather interesting actors who were part of the DCEU in Batman’s world but it seems they will discontinue the projects now. Keaton could be the ideal choice for replacing this world of Batman.


Connecting With Old Fans

Michale Keaton’s Batman was one of the primary reasons that the character became of major interest to the fans of DC. It launched a whole new fan base considering people associated with the character since it gave value to the darker aspects of the character and it was quite interesting. Bringing back this character would actually make the fans of this rendition become interested in the DCEU and how it interprets the DC comics.


Keaton Is Eager

Why Michael Keaton should be the main Batman

There was a time that it was hard to believable that Michael Keaton would be returning for the role in this character. Keaton left the character following Warner Bros. move to replace Tim Burton and it was a wise choice considering Joel Schumacher had a completely different view of the character. Michael Keaton seems interested in the return of his character in DCEU and it makes this opportunity more awesome.


Keaton’s Love For The Character

Michael Keaton loves the character and has been rather outspoken about being lucky enough to be amongst the league of actors who have played the character. He has even used his iconic line, “I’m Batman” whenever he got the opportunity to do so in talks shows and even some college commencement speeches. Christian Bale and Ben Affleck have shown no interest in returning for the role. This could actually make the movie a lot more enjoyable considering Keaton’s love for the character would make the depiction of Batman a lot more interesting.


Keeping Snyder’s Concept For Batman

Zack Snyder had a unique vision for the Batman that he wanted to add to his DCEU and Batfleck proved to be rather gritty and dark. The character was shown to have had quite a long experience at being Batman over the years and it was a rather interesting touch. If Keaton’s Batman is brought in again then we will get the same touch of Batman that Snyder had in his vision. Plus, this Bruce Wayne’s age could also be brought closer to the Bruce Wayne in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns which was one of Snyder’s prime inspirations for the character.


Fans Love Keaton’s Batman

Michael Keaton’s Batman has a pretty big fanbase and this fanbase is not only limited to the people who got to witness the character for the first time. Fans are now more aware and there are people who consider him to be one of the best versions of Batman that we had gotten. Even though he might not be everyone’s favorite but no one can deny the love for what Keaton did with the character.


The Batmobile

Why Michael Keaton should be the main Batman

With each Batman interpretation over the years, we have gotten the additional gadgets and vehicles that the character uses. There have always been debates about which Batmobile has been the best amongst fans and there is a wide variety of choices for this. But it has always been clear that no one would put Keaton’s Batmobile out of their top Batmobiles list. It is remembered for the stylish retro look it had added with the gothic touch in the architecture.


Cue In Batman Beyond

Since this interpretation is already rather old we can expect the character to also give a chance for the Batman Beyond narrative to play out. The narrative had a young man named Terry McGinnis taken on the mantle of Batman under the guidance of Bruce Wayne. This could also help us get a live-action interpretation of this character considering there is a massive fanbase for the Batman Beyond series ever since it aired.


A Chance For Batmen

The multiverse bringing in Keaton’s Batman could also give way to other Batmen to have a chance to appear in the future of the DCEU. We already have a chance for Batman Beyond to appear in the DCEU and this could mean that we could bring many more renditions of Batman. This narrative was actually followed in Detective Comics #215 where we got to see Batmen of All Nations and if it is brought into DCEU we can see multiple Batmen appearing around.

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