7 Extremely Hot Superheroes in Ongoing TV Shows

It’s not just the looks and the outfits of our super heroes that creates their sex appeal, it plays a major role though, but also what is soothing to watch is how effortlessly inspiring and dedicated they are towards their purposes. Plus they manage looking hot while doing all that impossible superheroes stuff!! Here is a list of the best current TV Show Superheroes:


Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen has lured us all with his extremely appealing strength, it’s a sight to see how the story of this carefree party boy turning into a fighter is reflected in every inch of his iron body, and what makes him irresistible is how he too is a flawed human.


Kara Danvers, a girl with a big heart, kindness dripping from her hand every now and then; when turns into a powerful, uncontrolled and confident Supergirl takes our hearts away with a blink of an eye. Adding to it, character’s physic is also designed exactly how one would picture it to be.


Barry Allen’s not so confident, dorky personality and not really muscular body, breaks the monotony of the image we have of superhuman characters and that is what catches our attention. Cherry on the cake is his sense of humor and ultimate intelligence of the fastest man alive.

Hawkgirl (played by Ciara Renee)

What’s attractive about Kendra Saunders is how relatable her character is. Hawkgirl’s discovery about the fact that she is a reincarnation of ancient Egyptian Priestess, Chay-Ara, was a story so beautiful for the soul and eyes that it took all from our hearts.

White Canary

Sara Lance after dealing her share of hardships, as shown in Arrow, came out to be even stronger. White Canary’s leadership and authority seem so appealing, plus the way she carries her all white costume is a treat to the eyes.



Skye, introduced to us through Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, undoubtedly looked hot in that uniform but that’s not the only reason for her charm. Her loyalty towards her friends her super human abilities to generate shockwaves has always amazed the viewers.


Matt Murdock, though is blinded physically but has built himself such that is intellectual sight covers for the eyesight he had lost, that kind of self-confidence is too sexy for a TV screen. Seeing his muscles taking forms and shapes while he is fighting all that evil is sinful itself!

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