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Batgirl: Will Ben Affleck Return as Batman In The HBO Max Film?

Warner Bros. is continuing the DC Extended Universe without the plans that Zack Snyder had. They are moving forward with another project already under development. There is going to be a DCEU Batgirl movie and there is a chance it will actually have the presence of Batman. The character of Batman is of much priority and there is no awareness as to who will be donning the cape for this movie. Batgirl’s origin story depends a lot on Batman and even though his presence might be small in the movie it will be of much significance. So, will Ben Affleck return as Batman? There is still no confirmation whether Ben Affleck will be reprising his role as Batman in the upcoming Batgirl feature.


The character of Batman has established himself as one of the most important DC characters with various interpretations over the years. Ever since Michael Keaton’s take on the role in Tim Burton’s Batman movies, the character has got a whole new appreciation from the fans. Christopher Nolan later brought a whole new way of looking at the character with the movies being massively successful. When Zack Snyder wanted to make his own world of the DC characters in the movies, he got Ben Affleck to take on the role.


This decision received a lot of backlash from the DC fans and there were various other suggestions for the role making the rounds. Even the movies weren’t much successful with the critical response being poor, and the fans having a mixed response. It is famously known that there were plans of a solo Batman film with Ben Affleck at the director’s chair but they were dropped. Affleck’s But the idea of a new solo Batman project remained and Robert Pattinson was given the role with Matt Reeves directing. Ben Affleck retired from the role and confirmed he won’t be taking on the role anymore.


Affleck’s Return

While 2017’s Justice League was massively riddled with bad reviews and poor execution, fans started asking for the original cut that was based on Snyder’s plan for the movie. There were petitions all around the world for the movie to be released. Finally, we got to see what is known as Zack Snyder’s Justice League when it was released this year. Fans got a whole new appreciation for Ben Affleck’s take on the role of Batman. Ben Affleck also confirmed his involvement in The Flash movie as Batman. The movie would feature two Batman’s: Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s with a possible narrative that would see the former being killed off.


Will Ben Affleck Return as Batman for Batgirl?

Fans started to wonder whether we would get to see Ben Affleck’s Batman in Batgirl ever since it was reported that J. K. Simmons would be returning to play Commissioner Gordon. The Oscar-winning actor had played the role of Gordon in Justice League (and ZSJL) where we saw Ben Affleck as Batman. This was a clear indication that Batgirl will come out of the same universe where Ben Affleck had taken the role of Batman. In fact, it was revealed that Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie was going to introduce us to Batgirl. But now, will the opposite happen on HBO Max? Will Ben Affleck Return as Batman in Batgirl? Well, the movie’s directors, Adil El Arbi and Bill Fallah have not yet confirmed which actor will be taking on the role of Batman.


Based on the trailer for The Flash, it was assumed that a new Batman would be announced for the DCEU and the movie will act as a means of giving Batfleck an exit. There was much speculation that this time the character would be taken by Michael Keaton. This would mean that Keaton’s Batman could replace Ben Affleck’s in the DCEU. Keaton’s Batman might end up being the mentor to the Batgirl played by Leslie Grace. This contradicts the fact that J. K. Simmons is only a few years younger than Keaton. But, let’s see how the creatives are going to handle that dynamic.


Fans are in much confusion regarding the state of the DCEU ever since Snyder’s plans were dropped and completely different narratives were picked. The focus has now shifted towards solo ventures instead of team-up movies. Ben Affleck’s Batman’s fate will be decided by the upcoming The Flash movie and it might end up being the farewell to Batfleck. There’s much excitement regarding the Batgirl movie considering Brendan Fraser will be playing the villain in the movie. The actors are already involved in DC projects with his portrayal of Robotman in the Doom Patrol series. Batgirl is supposed to come out sometime around 2022 on the HBO Max streaming platform.


Ben Affleck is a big name in the industry, and there’s a chance that he may want The Flash to be his last stint. At the end of the day, the question of his return could depend entirely on his willingness to return! But I don’t think that it’s going to happen. What do you guys think? Will Ben Affleck return as Batman after The Flash? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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