10 Times Thor And Loki Proved To Be The Best Pair of Siblings

Thor And Loki Best Pair of Siblings:

Thor and Loki must be about 1000 years old but they seem to never grow up. When together, these Gods fight like three-year-old siblings. Their love-and-hate relationship is expanded across the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though Loki was an evil and the primary villain of some MCU movies like Thor and The Avengers, his fights with Thor have always been humorous. We have witnessed their bitter-sweet relationship grow into something warm and beautiful over the span of three MCU phases. They have made us laugh and also made us cry with their brother-moments. MCU isn’t the same without this entertaining and thrilling pair of siblings. Here is a list of 10 times Thor and Loki proved to be the best pair of siblings. We have recalled the best stories and moments of Thor and Loki.

 1. Still Listening

This one of the top 5 Loki-Thor moments in the MCU. When Thor hunted the evil Loki down to earth and was about to reprimand him by starting with “You listen well, brother.”, the former was instantly dragged out of sight by Iron Man. Meanwhile, the sarcastic and mischievous Loki replies “ I’m listening”. Save Loki!

 2. “He Is Adopted”

In The Avengers when Captain America, Black Widow, and Bruce Banner discuss about Loki and Banner calls his brain “a bag full of cats”, Thor interrupts him dismissively like a possessive older brother. He is in the middle of calling Loki an Asgardian and his brother with pride when Natasha Romanoff cuts him off and says that Loki killed 80 people in 2 days. Thor immediately changed sides and said, “he is adopted”.

 3. When Thor Met Loki On Sakaar

Thor expressed an immense amount of relief and joy to find his brother Loki on Sakaar where Thor was held as a prisoner. Not only Loki’s face revealed how unhappy he was to find Thor but he also denied any connection with him. And karma came back in a circle as Loki said Thor was his “adopted” brother.

 4. When Hulk Slams Thor

Thor was pretty relieved to see Hulk on Sakaar’s Gladiator fighting because he was a “friend from work”. That happiness didn’t last long as Hulk grabbed the God of Thunder in his fist and slammed him against the ground multiple times. The person devouring this site the most was Loki due to the events of The Avengers. That’s how it feels Thor!

 5. Thor Recalls The Pranks

Can’t tell if it’s sad or hilarious to watch the poor demi-god Thor crying and complaining of Loki’s bloody(literally) pranks like a little kid bullied at school. In Thor: Ragnarok when Thor, Banner, and Valkyrie have a parent-teacher like meeting over Loki, Thor contributes the most in the anti-Loki discussion. He recalled one of their childhood incidents where Loki transformed himself into a snake knowing that Thor would pick it up out of his fondness for the reptiles. The moment he lifts it, Loki snaps to his true form and announces “meh it’s me” and stabs Thor. That’s some messed up childhood trauma. But Banner’s “OMGEEE” expression was the best followed by Loki’s smirk like a “non-so-guilty kid”.

 6. Get Help!

The sibling duo seems to have a classic trick called “Get Help!” that always works for them. Even though it seems a genius plan, we didn’t expect powerful Gods to have a classic move like that. It starts with Thor supporting Loki and shouting for help while the latter pretends to be hurt. Right when someone shows up, the not-so-vulnerable God of Mischief is thrown at the enemies like a bat. While Thor enjoys doing that, Loki seems to hate it since it dents his pride.

 7. When Thor Cracked Loki’s Disguise

The God of Mischief transformed himself into Odin plenty of times but Thor smelled the mischief in Ragnarok. Knowing that only Odin could wield the Mjolnir, Thor put the fake Odin in front of his hammer that was zooming at him and asked him to catch it. That’s when the curtains were up and Loki was forced to transform back into himself.

 8. Well, You Can’t Blame Him

When Thor scolds Loki like an elder brother for stabbing someone during the war, Loki gives the best reason to support his action. Loki said, “You weren’t there. You didn’t hear what he said to me”. As Thor asked what he said, Loki replied “What are you going to do, stab me?”. As Valkyrie put it, it indeed was fair.

 9. Who Can Fly?

Loki’s calm style of being savage and sarcastic is always on point. When the siblings were flying the Harrow spaceship, they got into an argument surrounding their skills as usual. Loki begins by commenting on how Thor slammed all the pillars of their home but left one, followed by beheading their grandfather’s statue. As Loki was instructing him how to operate the ship, he added that he was clearly a better pilot than Thor. Thor had the best comeback and said “ which one can actually fly?”.

 10. Thor Gets Irritated So Easily

Loki may be an evil power-hungry God for others, but for Thor, he is like any other brother who feeds on irritating Thor. While the duo joined forces in Thor: The Dark World and were sneaking, Loki kept transforming himself and Thor. He enjoyed troubling Thor so much that he turned him into Sif.

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