10 Best Moments of Thor in The MCU Movies

Best Moments of Thor in MCU:

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has enchanted the fans with his bulging muscles, innocent comedy, and passionate heroism. Even though he is the God of Thunder, we can relate to him in many ways, except for the body of course. He has an unfathomable strength that can hold open the iris of a star. But it’s not just the superpowers that we admire about him. His human heart that cares and loves passionately feels pain and anger, and takes its sweet time to suffer is exactly what made us fall for him. The difference between Thor and Tony Stark’s humor is that Thor never knows when he is funny. Now that Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow are gone, Thor is the last memory from MCU’s early phases that we can cling on to. Relive the 10 best moments of Thor in the MCU movies.

 1. Thor Vs Surtur- Eyebrow Vs Crown

MCU always surprises you with funny moments in the most serious of times. Surtur was boasting of his powers and crown when Thor innocently asked him where the crown was. The “Fire Giant” completely loses his grip when Thor confuses his “crown” with “big eyebrow”. It was the most unexpected conversation between the Gods and cosmic entities.

 2. When Thor Arrived In Wakanda

Thor 4 Tessa Thompson Taika Waititi

The war of Wakanda was almost getting out of hands as Thanos’s army was outnumbering the heroes until Thor arrived right on time. His grand landing on Wakanda was the most awe-inspiring entrance of a superhero in the MCU so far. By one single thrust of the Stormbreaker on the ground, he wiped out millions of enemies.

 3. Passes On The Kingdom To Valkyrie

Throughout his journey in the MCU up till now, Thor has been through hell, as noticed by his mother. We have witnessed his growth from a brat who was full of himself to a responsible and mature God who put his people first. He wasn’t born as a hero but his experiences guided him to the chosen path. In Avengers: Endgame, after he lost half of his teammates, Thor decided to pass on his responsibility of the New Asgard to a worthy leader, Valkyrie. It was a profound and humble moment for a God who once couldn’t see beyond himself.

 4. God Of Thunder

Thor Love And Thunder Introduce Beta Ray Bill

Thor faced one of his most crucial and challenging moments in Thor: Ragnarok when his paths crossed with his estranged evil sister, Hela’s. It almost seemed like a lost battle when Hela turned out to be more powerful who destroyed Thor’s Mjolnir and took his eye. The fate of the Asgardians was alarming especially without Thor and his hammer until he consulted his father, Odin. Hela was on the brink of finishing Thor when he realized his powers and summoned the thunder. In that memorable moment, Thor announced that he was the God of Thunder. His landing on Asgard with the Immigrant song playing in the background gave us goosebumps.

 5. “Friend From Work”

As mentioned above, Thor is super hilarious but doesn’t realize it half the time. He is just innocently funny. One such “Thor Moment” was when he saw Hulk on Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok. Thor was relieved to find Hulk in the gladiator fight and like a common man, he called him “friend from work”.

 6. Switching Hammers With Captain America

No matter how much he has grown over the years, Thor is still a kid at heart. Captain America stole a lot of cheer and spotlight after wielding the Mjolnir in Endgame. It was followed by an exciting scene where both Cap and Thor fight Thanos with the two hammers, Mjolnir and Stormbreaker. But Thor being Thor asked Cap to hold the “little one” to retain his God status.

 7. Nidavellir

Out of all the moments in the MCU, the time that marked Thor’s strength was on Nidevellir. We somehow comprehended his mighty strength when he held open the iris of the star manually to generate heat to forge the Stormbreaker.

 8. Thor and Steve Rogers Switch Styles

Amidst the tensions during the Infinity War, there was one element that was refreshing and note-worthy. It was Steve Rogers and Thor’s transformed looks that, to be honest, raised their hotness level. Cap grew his hair and beard whereas Thor chopped them off. The two characters pointed out exactly what the fans were thinking. Right in the middle of the war, they complimented each other’s new looks followed by Thor’s comment “you copied my beard”. Turns out, it wasn’t in the script and the actor had ad-libbed it.

 9. Thor and Loki Team Up

Most of us have memorable games and codes that we invented with our friends and siblings during childhood. And the Gods Thor and Loki are no different. During their escape in Thor: Ragnarok, they apparently played a classic trick where a wounded Loki was supported by Thor. As the guards came closer, the muscular Thor lifted Loki up and flipped and threw him all around the room on the guards as if he were a light weapon.  While Thor revealed in the “classic” trick, Loki clearly expressed his loathing for it.

 10. When The Guardians Found Him

To begin with, the encounter between Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy was overwhelming in a good way. The crossover between the Avengers and the Guardians was the most awaited moment in the MCU. It was followed by a chain of hilarious scenes as the team of misfits from the galaxy was bemused by Thor’s God-like physique and armor. In one of the scenes, Peter Quill aka Star-Lord calls Thor dude only to be counteracted by Drax who called him “a handsome, muscular man”, thus giving rise to Peter’s insecurities.

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