Secret Invasion: Kingpin is a Skrull in the MCU!!

Marvel fans got one of their favorite theories coming true when two characters made their Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. We got to see that two of our favorite characters from the Netflix Marvel shows make their appearance in the MCU. This includes Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk/Kingpin and Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock/Daredevil and it is absolutely exciting. Both the characters appeared majorly in the most successful Marvel series on Netflix, Daredevil. But there is no clarity about these characters as both of them had quite a small appearance. While Matt Murdock had a very small role to play during his debut, the same cannot be said about the Kingpin who played the prime antagonist in the Disney+ series Hawkeye. A new theory suggests that Hawkeye‘s Kingpin is a Skrull.


Kingpin made an appearance on the Disney+ series Hawkeye quite later into the series and proved that he is gonna be a significant character in the MCU. Thus comes around the same time that we got to see Matt Murdock make his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home as Peter Parker’s legal adviser. According to Marvel Comics, Kingpin had a major hand in bringing up Maya Lopez/Echo. The same narrative was seen play out perfectly in the Hawkeye narrative as he had a significant role in Echo’s arc.


Theory: Kingpin Is A Skrull

Presently, almost every character in the MCU is being suspected to be a Skrull because of their mysterious behavior. Most of these theories might not even come true considering Marvel might just be poking us to get keep us wondering and excited. There was even a theory that some of the characters who don’t have superpowers might actually be Skrulls in all their appearances following Spider-Man: Far From Home. This theory arises because the ending of Far From Home revealed that Nick Fury and Maria Hill, who appeared in the movie quite significantly were Skrulls. Since then everyone is wondering who else could be a Skrull in the MCU.


Kingpin is a Skrull

The idea of Kingpin being a Skrull comes because of certain clues that we got from his appearance in the series. We saw that Kingpin had an inhuman level of strength as he literally broke the car door with his bare hands. Not only that but the character is also behaving quite a lot different from the last time we saw him on the Netflix series. But the major hint comes from the very last time we got to see the character as he was about to get shot by Maya Lopez. Some thought that this might mark his death in the series but that might not actually be the case. Fans are also wondering why would MCU introduce such a fan-favorite character and get it killed right away.


Keeping the consequences of the gunshot off-screen could actually have a different meaning entirely. We might have missed a chance to see Kingpin transform back into the Skrull form he originally is. This could build into a narrative where we might get to see that the Skrulls have already infiltrated humanity. It might sound too far-fetched but it isn’t an absolute impossibility. Not only that but the fact that Echo is involved in the Secret Invasion narrative from the comics. Though there is no indication if she will appear in the upcoming series based on the narrative Marvel definitely has some plans yet to be revealed.


Kingpin is a Skrull

Fans shouldn’t take this theory seriously as it might just be another far-fetched concept. But with the vast variety of narratives that are supposed to come out, we might see some interesting connections being made. There are theories that fans will get to see Kingpin appearing in the Echo spinoff series. But it would surely be an absolute surprise to see the character appear in the opening sequence of the Secret Invasion series.


Secret Invasion will premiere on Disney+ on a yet-to-be-announced date sometime in early 2023.

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