10 Major Differences between Game of Thrones TV Show and Books

And we are back again with some more on Game of Thrones. However, this time, we would take a look at how the HBO hit series Game of Thrones is noticeably different from George R.R. Martins, Song of Ice and Fire.


Though some plots were taken directly from the novel, like the one where Tyrion Lannister meets Daenerys Targaryen. With this, we move ahead with some major spoilers and some not so much.

According to the novel Shireen Lives:

From the TV series, we know that Shireen dies. However, in the original novel, Shireen continues to live. Sacrificing his daughter to the Lord of Light, we saw a real cruel side of Stannis Baratheon which did come as a shocker.

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From the book we know Shae uses Tyrion:

The TV series shows that Shae madly in love with Tyrion. Sharing share one of the most honest relationships in the series. However, in the books, Shae has no feelings for Tyrion what so ever. Sticking to Tyrion only for his wealth and power.

The only common link being their trial in court, where Shae confess of Tyrion murdering Joffrey. Though the intensity of this is little less to the novels. But the heartbreaking that Tyrion goes through is similar in the books and the series.

The book states, Mance Rayder escapesExecution:

In the TV series, we see the Wildling king, Mance Rayder dies pretty much in the similar fashion as described in the novels. Except, in the novels, his execution is revealed to be a farce.

Rayder is sent to the south to save Arya Stark.


Going by the novel Ygritte is killed anonymously, and everybody stabs Jon Snow:

People who’ve read the novel would know, there are many characters that never made it to the TV series. Olly being one character who was never in the novel but was introduced in the TV series.He eventually goes on to kill Ygritte and stab Jon Snow in the name of Nights Watch.


Novel says: The Sand Snakes plans are foiled:

While the TV show clearly portraysThe Sand Snakes take over Dorn, by killing Myrcella, their uncle, and cousin. Taking over Dorn.

According to the novels, Dorn plays a major role in the overall history of the Seven Kingdoms, then what we’ve seen on TV. Sadly, the story of Sand Snakes makes it a bit drag.

The Sand Snake daughter plan a coo to overthrow their uncle, which does not kill princess Myrcella but only wounds her.


Book shows Rob Stark marry Jeyne, but Jeyne Lives:

Rob Stark marries Talisa in the TV series. But Talisa dies.We can even go on to say that the Red Wedding, portrayed in the TV series is completely different from the novels. In the novels, Rob leaves behind his wife and twins and attends the Red Wedding alone, saving them from the gruesome death.

In the books, Rob marries Jeyne, the daughter of one of the Lannister bannerman, unlike what we’ve seen.


Novel says Ser Barrister Selmy lives on:

The most honest bodyguard of Daenerys is killed in the TV series, Season 5 by the sons of Harpy during an ambush.The book states, while the Khaleesi is off playing with her dragons, Ser Selmy keeps Meeren under control. Something that Tyrion took over instead in the TV series.

Novel portrays Lady Stoneheart resurrected becoming a Zombie:

Brought back to life by Beric Dondarrion, Lady Stoneheart is resurrected to be a zombie in the novels.While the TV series shows the death of Lady Catelyn in the Red Wedding. Sadly, never to be bought back. Or maybe!


Book portrays Reek as Ramsay’s servant:

People who’ve read the book would know that Reek is Ramsay’s servant. In Game of Thrones TV series Reek is a nickname given to Theon by Ramsay Bolton.Not many of you would know, in the book, Reek got his name due to his body odor. Though we’ve never met the original Reek, but we do know that he was loyal to Ramsay.


Novel: Ramsay Bolton marries and rapes Jeyne Poole:

The Game of Thrones TV series clearly alters this plot showing Ramsay Bolton marry and rape Sansa Stark. Whereas the novel states otherwise.Surprisingly in the novel, Sansa never ever meets Ramsay and is instead safe in Eyrie with her cousin.

Jeyne who is Sansa’s long time friend is married off to Ramsay, who portrays as Arya Stark.


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