5 Most One Sided Battles Ever Fought In Marvel and DC

A lot of fights in the comic universe of marvel and DC which are fun, while there are some pretty evenly matched, there are others, that are not so evenly matched. Here we list top 5 fights that were purely one-sided fought in marvel and DC:

Thor vs Iron Man

In this fight, Thor comes in with two lightning attacks and smashes Tony’s armor with Mjolnir, fries his circuitry then taking off his face plate says,“Give your orders and ultimatums to those who choose to obey or are too cowardly to fight. Not to me. Or learn again the difference between a God of Thunder — and a mortal man in a metal suit.” Nothing more to be said.

Thanos VS Captain America

There is something about the leader of the Avengers, though if we go strategically and on a power based lever, he holds no chance against Thanos, his determination, and the tricks up his sleeve make us feel otherwise. “As long as one man stands against you, you’ll never be able to claim victory.” this is what Cap says to Thanos. Who after almost being stripped of the gauntlet breaks the Cap’s neck with a backhand to it. And that is the end for the high-spirited Avenger.

Deadpool VS Marvel Universe

Fully aware that Deadpool is a comic book character, he decides to take on the entire Marvel universe. Killing all the big guys, be it Magneto, Wolverine or the Avengers. The best is when Xavier tries to shut his mind and sees that they all are just fictional characters. Pure defeat.

Ultimates VS Thanos

In Civil War Part 2 when the Ultimates take on Thanos, well they tried, they face a brutal defeat by the mad titan. Not just that, when they go home, they have a dead War Machine, who was hit in the gut by Thanos and a wounded team.

Bane VS Batman

Marvel And DC

Batman here had come in after a long night of fighting criminals. Bane who has discovered Bats’ identity is waiting for him at his place. Here he doesn’t just easily defeat Batman but breaks him. Body and soul. The back breaking scene here is pretty famous.

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