MCU Should Replace the Guardians With the Most Overpowered Marvel Team

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has some unique characters, to say the least. This cinematic reality is filled with weirdos to the brim, so much so, that you cannot go 5 minutes before talking about or seeing someone with a gimmicky superpower. The thing is, the same was happening in the comic world during the inception of the Marvel Multiverse. Super-powered characters were abundant and team-ups were a dime a dozen. So after a point, Marvel decided to collect the most broken characters in their universe and bunched them up. This is the story of the most overpowered Marvel team.

Before we explain the team and its constituents, it is pertinent to mention that this team was formed in times of great despair. The idea of a proactive team to deal with galactic threats was born when Star-Lord lost his life in the comics. At this point, Cosmo the space dog took it upon himself to assemble a team that will deal with situations that could cause galactic war, just like how Star-Lord wanted. This team was made up of ultra-powerful characters so that their threat of action would itself be a sufficient deterrent for evildoers. Let us explore how this team of aces could be the next big thing in the MCU. Especially since Love And Thunder are expected to lead directly into Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3.


Most Overpowered Marvel Team

The Annihilators were initially made up of Silver Surfer, Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Ronan The Accuser, and Gladiator. Their job was to deal with threats in the galaxy that could cause a galactic war. All of these characters were initially turned off by the idea of teaming up but after working together once they saw the benefit of pooling their efforts and resource. So, the dream of Cosmo and Star-Lord came true and The Annihilators were brought into existence. We think that something similar can also happen in the MCU.


With Gamora’s death and Peter’s increasing irrelevancy, it is possible that the Guardians are headed for an early exit. It is no secret that the production of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3 has been quite eventful with a lot of controversies surrounding the narrative. We expect that a majority, if not all guardians, will lose their lives in Vol 3. This will prompt the galaxy to look for new guardians. At this point, Captain Marvel, Beta Ray Bill, Adam Warlock, and several other heroes will step up/ will be chosen.


This will be the start of The Annihilators in the MCU. It will also allow Captain Marvel to have a more active role in defending the galaxy, especially since most of The Annihilators’ conflict involved the Kree-Skrull war. But the death of the Guardians and the handover to The Annihilators have to be done right. It is also possible that we are introduced to this new team at the start of Volume 3 and they are expected to carry on the torch of the Guardians once they perish at the end of the movie.


The Possibilities

Adam Warlock could also assemble the team to act as the hunters of the Guardians up until the very end of the movie. This will give the entire movie a sense of urgency with The Annihilators continuously on the tail of the Guardians. However, in this case, Captain Marvel cannot be a part of the initial team as she knows the Guardians from the climactic battle of Endgame. It is possible that Carol might show up to help the Guardians battle powerhouses such as Warlock and Beta Ray Bill.


Most overpowered Marvel team

Of course, all of this is only speculation and we cannot be sure about what will happen in the future of the MCU. But it is possible that the Guardians will be replaced by the Annihilators in the upcoming movies. They are, after all, the most overpowered Marvel team ever.

Let us know what you think about the most overpowered Marvel team down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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