The Flash: DCEU vs CW’s Comparison

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re probably well aware of the endless march onwards in the world of comic franchises. In recent years, these characters have once again returned to the small screen, after dominating cinema for over a decade. The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is, as usual, in eternal combat with Disney-owned Marvel. Their most recent blockbuster, Justice League, has introduced the audience to a character that has featured in the comics for some time: The Flash. He also has a show on the CW, a fairly popular network these days, just like casino games. How do the characters compare?

DCEU Flash Drops the Drama

The CW Flash was initially intended as something of a light-hearted romp. Ever since Nolan’s Batman made comics something serious, many viewers have been waiting for things to become a bit less overly dramatic. While CW Flash initially promised this, it didn’t take long before the writers were trotting out standard shlock that aimed at the heartstrings. We’re glad to see that DCEU has gone a more upbeat route. While it’s undeniable that the DC and Marvel universes both have ample room for genuine issues and drama, they are definitely at their best when they take a day off and have a little fun.

DCEU Flash Has to Find His Feet

CW Flash was an assertive character from the get-go. He knew what he wanted, and the audience saw a limited amount of character growth. With DCEU, they had a bit more fun making him something of a relatable character. The progress from an awkward youth to a superhero is a well-trodden and enjoyable one. DCEU gave us a fun retelling of a familiar story that added some much-needed depth to the character. They also gave us the enjoyment of watching Flash come to terms with the fact that, if he doesn’t want to die, he has to learn to fight (and don’t miss the enjoyment at It’s not often that you see superheroes acting in the kind of frightened, cowardly way most of us would act in real life. Nice touch, DCEU Flash, nice touch.

CW’s The Flash Episodes Have the Science to Back Them Up

The Flash episodes went the extra mile in investigating some of the scientific possibilities surrounding the character. They looked at the actual physics of his preternatural speed, giving the audience the standard half hokum, half logic explanations that make an enjoyable padding for any show. DCEU’s Justice League, presumably pressed for time, had to ditch some of the more interesting potential theorizings. It’s not a massive loss, but enough for us to give CW a thumbs up for the extra effort.


All in all, there’s not that huge an amount of differences between the two. It’s obvious that, in each case, the producers are working within the confines of their chosen medium. DCEU’s character is one of a number of characters in the film and naturally has limitations. CW, meanwhile, is free to do what they want with their sole character. As far as actors go, DCEU’s the Flash cast Ezra Miller in the role, doing a superb job, while CW Flash went with Grant Gustin. Both talented actors, up to the task.

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