Marvel Showed The Destruction of Titan Way Before Infinity War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most wonderful universes we have ever had a chance to experience. Its storytelling is immersive and its world-building is exquisite. The ultimate selling point of the MCU is that it does not wait until a character steps into the protagonist role to make them an important part of their world. MCU is comprehensive and that means that there will always be references in these movies which we miss and which we can come back to in the future. Today’s theory explores such an easter egg. Allegedly, Marvel has already shown the destruction of Titan way before Infinity War.

Thanos is an Eternal in the comics. This may not have been his origin story in the MCU but now things have changed after the release of the Eternals. In that movie, we got to see how the Eternals were created by the Celestials and how they are little more than autonomous androids imbued with cosmic energy. We also met The Deviants who rebelled against The Celestials and were supposed to be put down by Eternals. But the most important thing that we found out was the true purpose of Eternals. They were created to ensure the survivability of intelligent life on the planet they were assigned to. This was done to ensure the birth of new Celestials, which would also cause the destruction of the said planet.


The Destruction of Titan

This is revealed to us by Thena’s visions which are the manifestations of her past memories. These memories are supposed to be wiped regularly but Thena decides to battle her suffering and she unlocks the secret of their existence with a little help from Sersi. All of this culminates into a lackluster final battle. But we are more interested in the after-credits scene which features Harry Styles. You see, the music star plays Eros, the brother of Thanos. It has been theorized ever since that Thanos and Eros were both parts of the Eternals’ team sent to Titan. Both of them witnessed the destruction of Titan and then went on different parts to deal with the fallout.


Thanos chose destruction and Eros chose to look for other Eternals to rebel against The Celestials. The Mad Titan’s plan was to kill enough intelligent life to ensure that emergence was delayed all over the universe. While Eros looked for allies. All of this happened after Titan was completely destroyed. Although we get this confirmation with the help of Infinity War and Eternals, a new Reddit theory suggests that we might have witnessed it a long time ago.


Redditor u/markjhamill suggested this on r/Fantheories:

“The Collector shows them a Celestial wielding the Power Stone and destroying the life on the planet. I think that that planet is Titan, Thanos’ planet and the Celestial is the one who created Thanos and his fellow Eternals. I think, like in the Eternals movie, Thanos and his Eternals decided to stop the emergence. Thanos, in his Mad Weary, suggests just killing half the population randomly …….. However, their creator Celestial shows up and, with the Power Stone, knocks a hole in the planet to release the Celestial inside.”


The Breakdown

Destruction of Titan

This theory makes a lot of sense and also explains why Thanos does not associate with the other Eternals. He has been suffering from Mahd Wy’ry. This degenerative memory disease of the Eternals has made Thanos forget his true origin. Now, he only remembers that he must end half of all population to delay the inevitable. Truth be told, this makes us sympathize with The Mad Titan. Up until now, we thought that what he did, he did out of his misguided sense of justice. But if this theory is true then his actions are just echoes of his past self that even he cannot escape from.


We like to think of Thanos as the villain and Avengers as the heroes. But one can never know who is the true hero unless one has all of the information. With issues such as this that affect the well-being of an entire universe, you can never be sure of what is the right thing. What do you think about this theory? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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