Arrow: 5 Grave Scenes on the Show That Brought Us to Tears

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The latest episode titled “Canary Cry” was aired on CW network. It could be considered as one of the most emotionally charged and heartbreaking episodes in the history of the show. Quentin Lance (Laurel’s father) is struggling to come to terms with his daughter’s death and even asked Nysa Al Gul if she could bring her back using the pit, but she told him that she destroyed the pit months ago. There have been many deaths on the show from season 1 till now, funeral ceremonies have been arranged to honor their deaths. One of these characters even returned from the dead through Lazarus pit, and one person never died at all.

Here’s a list of funerals from the Arrow TV Show:


Laurel Lance:

She was a daughter of Quentin Lance, an assistant district attorney of the Star city and a member of Team Arrow. When the Team Arrow raided the Darhk’s facility, he had regained his magical powers and thwarted their attempts to capture him. He killed Laurel by stabbing her with an arrow, sending a statement to Quentin that this is what happens to you when you betray him. At her funeral ceremony, Oliver gave a very emotional speech on how she was a hero and she would want us to fight for the city and save it for our people.

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