The Batman Is Bringing Its Most Important Character Back To Life

The Batman Trilogy, directed by Christopher Nolan is one of the most successful trilogies and fan-favorite amongst DC lovers. Christopher Nolan is one of the most notable directors of all time, giving us quality content that heavy in their weightage. The Batman Trilogy is no less. Showcasing a gritty city of Gotham, and people’s savior Batman the entire trilogy is full of talented casts and a story that is unblemished. The trilogy includes – Batman Begins (2005) grossed over $359 million, The Dark Knight (2008) grossed over $999 million, and The Dark Knight Rises (2012) was a billion-dollar baby grossing over $1.08 billion. Over the course of these movies, we saw many characters like Joker, Bane, Two-Face, etc., making our lives interesting and left us wanting for more. Gotham became a city that is on the virtue of getting clean, good riddance.

Batman Matt Reeves

The Batman is said to be released in 2022, is directed by Matt Reeves. What came as a surprise is that Robert Pattinson will be seen playing Batman. This one news in particular stirred up the internet and was instantly viral. But the fans took on the news in a positive manner and claimed that they were looking forward to this development. Then came in the Batman suit, and seeing Robert in it the fanbase went bonkers and could not remain calm. Alongside Robert Pattinson, we will get to see Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as Riddler, etc,. Parallel to directing the movie, Matt Reeves has also written the screenplay with Peter Craig.

The Batman (2022) is going to be different than Nolan’s trilogy in regards to the setting of the city. Gotham will finally be treated as an important character and Matt is driven to show its vitality. In any great movie that requires background, the city in which it’s based plays a very important role in providing the overall feel. You wouldn’t like to see a gruesome murder in a happy blossom town right? Exactly. But this doesn’t go on to tell that the city will always be shown as a still concrete with little to no life in it. This mistake, which is our opinion based on DC’s hardcore fans, and their reactions will finally be rectified by Matt Reeves. Gotham will now be back to life, focusing more on heroism and selfless acts. We’re not saying that Christopher Nolan’s trilogy lacked something but Matt Reeves’s flick will be much brighter and intense as far as the trailer suggests. We cannot fathom the level of vehemence this movie will bring.

The Batman Matt Reeves Ben Affleck

“I’m vengeance.” said the Batman in its official teaser and was the working title for the movie. We have gathered some fun facts for our readers related to The Batman (2022). One of them is that Robert Pattinson lied to Christopher Nolan about his Batman audition and Nolan instantly caught his lie and called him out. Both were then currently shooting for ‘Tenet’ in Los Angeles in 2019. Robert said he had a family emergency and Nolan right away confronted Pattinson and said, “You’re going for the batman audition aren’t you.” Matt Reeves has stated that this Batman movie will be a point of view driven noir tale with a heavy focus on Batman’s detective skills. The movie shows Batman in his second year of protecting Gotham, which means it steers away a little from its initial movie Batman Begins but also precedes Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice where Batman is the Caped Crusader.

Christopher Nolan’s depiction of Gotham was more like a price to be won, a fight for its soul and ownership in respect to the villains. But Matt Reeves claims that The Batman will be more emotional and certainly show Gotham’s different sides. Gotham that we will get to see in The Batman will be more alive and would take its place as a character in itself with a deeper persona.

The Batman Robin Bat-Family Batman Important Character
Batman Important Character

The Batman is releasing in 2022 and people are looking forward to having Robert Pattinson in the DC family. Batman can change the way the character, its backstory, and Gotham is perceived. Matt Reeves is set to make some changes and to prove that the Batman is Gotham and Gotham is the Batman.

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