The Batman – The Major Change Matt Reeves Has Made To The Batcave

With every new iteration of Batman, we get to see a change in his suits, his gadgets, his vehicles, and obviously, the Batcave. In the latest story of Batman, we will see Matt Reeves take a very realistic approach to the Caped Crusader. If you thought that Nolan’s approach to Batman was very grounded, well, then think again because Matt Reeves is going to make us think as if we’re in the shoes of Batman.

Robert Pattinson’s Batman is going to be flawed like a regular human is. He is in his younger days of crime-fighting, and we can literally see the rage on his face. This new story will be a more detective based noir tale of Batman. Everything that Batman has in the film will be shown as if both Alfred & Bruce Wayne designed it all together. That can be seen with the Batsuit, the bat bike and the Batmobile. Even the Batcave this time isn’t built in a place that you may have expected. Its design and location are certainly fascinating.

Bruce had different “Batcaves” In the Dark Knight trilogy. In Batman begins, Bruce discovered an underground railroad that was built under the Wayne manor. His ancestors used to transport the freed slaves through the tunnels in this railroad. But since the Wayne Manor burnt down in the film, Bruce shifted to a warehouse bunker in The Dark Knight. In The Dark Knight Rises, the Wayne Manor had been rebuilt, and Bruce had managed to turn the underground railroad into a complete Batcave.

Batman's Batcave

In Batman V Superman, we saw the most advanced version of the Batcave as Bruce had been the Batman for 20 years in Gotham. The Wayne Manor was completely ruined, and Bruce had shifted to a lake house nearby. He had an underground hanger designed at this location, and it was almost similar to a militarized base. It was spacious enough to hold all of the Batsuits, weapons, gadgets and vehicles. The Batmobile and the Batwing were placed in this hanger. In Justice League, we saw that the hanger was spacious enough to hold a giant troop carrier as well.

But now, in The Batman, we’re moving back to the basics. After watching the first trailer, we’ve been able to figure out that the new Batcave is actually an abandoned subway line of Gotham. There are tracks on the floors in the above image. If you zoom in on the left side, beside the stairs, you could see “Wayne Depot” written right above the shining white light. The Batmobile, the Bat computers and the Bat-bike can all be seen in the terminal.

Batman's Batcave

Bruce Wayne must have chosen this abandoned subway line to be his layer because the tunnels in it would allow him to pop up in different places throughout Gotham without being detected. He won’t always have to take the road to travel from one location to another. That’s very practical, smart & realistic if you think about it. The Batman really has the potential to the best Batman movie and perhaps one of the best DC movies of all time. Let’s hope that Robert Pattinson will recover soon & the movie will go under production once again.

Batman's Batcave

We’re pretty excited about Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Here’s how the DC movie slate stands – Wonder Woman 1984 arrives on October 2, 2020, The Snyder Cut of Justice League will release sometime in early 2021, The Suicide Squad releases on August 6, 2021, The Batman will release on October 1, 2021, Black Adam arrives on December 21, 2021, The Flash hits theatres on June 3, 2022, Shazam 2 opens on November 4, 2022, & Aquaman 2 arrives on December 16, 2022.

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