How Multiverse of Madness Pays Off The Post Credits Scene Of Doctor Strange

Post-credits scenes play an essential role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. There are a lot of things that we have gotten to see in the post-credits scenes over the years that have actually managed to create the hype for the next project. Even though some of the scenes have a massive impact on the franchise, others might not have that much weight anyway. This has been the case for most of the post-credits scenes that we have gotten to see in recent years. One such scene was in the post-credits for Doctor Strange where we saw Baron Mordo heading for the villain arc. While the post-credits scenes of Doctor Strange weren’t really explained going ahead, it seems that Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness might shed some light on it.

Multiverse of Madness

The upcoming entry in the Doctor Strange anthology of movies in the MCU will take things to a whole new level. This time around we will get to see Strange come across a whole new set of villains and enemies that will make things quite difficult for him. While the multiversal chaos will definitely set up whole new troubles for him, we can be sure that some past villains will also return to cause some chaos this time around. Amongst the people coming back to ensure trouble upon him, we have Wanda with both her shades playing a role in the movie at the same time along with Karl Mordo.

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Mordo will have a major role to play in the movie and it does work upon the last time we saw the character. The trailer featured him amongst the council of characters who had summoned Strange while wearing handcuffs. Later in the same scene, we see Mordo attacking Strange and it is actually an essential moment that might be a continuation of his arc from the previous movie. Some are assuming that he might have joined the council when he didn’t like the way the MCU Doctor Strange was behaving when it comes to elements like time and reality. This goes interestingly in the way where we expected to see the character proceed based on the previous entry.

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Last Time We Saw Karl Mordo

Post-credit scene of Doctor Strange

The second post-credits scene from 2016’s Doctor Strange saw Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Kar Mordo going on his path since he discovers the Ancient One’s secret. Mordo ended up discovering Benjamin Bratt’s Jonathan Pangborn and managed to take his powers from him. As a reason for this, we hear Mordo tell Pangborn that he was doing this since the world had “too many sorcerers.” It was expected that this arc will be continued but it seems that the narrative could only be picked in a sequel to Doctor Strange‘s solo arcs. This is exactly something that we almost got to witness when the character ended up appearing in the trailer for Doctor Strange 2.

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Mordo In Doctor Strange 2

The rendition of Mordo that we got to see in Doctor Strange 2 is quite different from the MCU Mordo. This isn’t really surprising considering a lot of variants for Doctor Strange, Wong, and Wanda are supposed to be in the movie. It is quite possible that the rendition of Mordo in the movie isn’t the one we expected to see from the original Doctor Strange movie. There is a clear chance that the rendition of Mordo in the movie is quite unique and will have a wholly different arc in comparison to the one that we saw in the movie. It seems that he will prove to be a challenging opponent for Doctor Strange.

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If the original Mordo shows up somewhere in the movie and decides to pair up with this Mordo, Strange would be required to be prepared for that. It would be much more challenging in comparison to what we might have expected to see. Marvel often addresses some of their post-credits scenes a long time after they are released and the same could be said for the case of the post-credits scene of Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be released in theatres worldwide on May 6.

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Did the post-credits scene of Doctor Strange make you think that what can happen in Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness? Share your answers in the comments box.

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