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7 Other Marvel Superhero Games That Should Happen Now

Superhero games are definitely one of the most enjoyable things that fans get to enjoy considering we get to see our favorite heroes and actually experience being them. The love that fans have for each Spider-Man game definitely goes to show the massive fanbase for Marvel games. Marvel has experienced massive success in the last two decades with movies and shows that are absolutely awesome interpretations of our favorite heroes and villains on-screen. This is a clear indication of what we might get to enjoy if these heroes and then put into their own original games. Recently, we have been able to see storylines for characters that give us a hint of their vulnerabilities. Let’s take a look at some other Marvel Superhero Games that we’d like to see after Spider-Man, Avengers, Guardians, and Wolverine.


Deadpool has to be one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel world to be adapted for a video game. The character has already enjoyed a fair amount of appearances in various games. It even has its own game that came out in 2013 developed by High Moon Studios and it was able to ensure a somewhat positive response. But the game was still unable to explore the massive potential the character has. One can clearly imagine an Arkham-like game with the comedic chops and absolute bizarre character arcs of Deadpool like fast-talking and fourth wall breaking put into it. 



The Marvel Cinematic Universe is working on another feature film adaptation for Blade with Mahershala Ali set to appear as the titular character. This character is exciting and dark enough to deserve its own game. The game could explore all the fighting techniques of the hero and at the same time give us all the sinister villains in the universe. There have been games that have explored a similar world with Devil May Cry giving us a hint of what a Blade game could be like. With the character making a comeback in the movies it feels like the right time to invest in the fandom of the character.



Marvel Superhero Games

Daredevil is one of the characters who are closest to Batman in Marvel. This character could clearly be adapted into its own game by using marvelous fighting skills. At the same time, there’s a lot at stake considering the hero doesn’t have any superpowers. There were actually plans for a game back during the time of Xbox, PS2, and PC. The game got canned with only slight hints at what we would have gotten to witness if the project actually got realized. The Arkham games are considered amongst the best games and if Marvel ever wants their own version of such games they can clearly work on a Daredevil game.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is not exactly one of the most popular characters in Marvel. The original Netflix show has given us an insight into how wonderful the character clearly can have an interesting narrative. The idea for a possible game concept might sound kinda experimental but it surely is worth an attempt. The game could be similar to the games that focus on the world of games and the conversations and have a detective-like tone. While there could be moments where we get to use her superior abilities but the prime attention could be given to the adventurous tone of the plot.   

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is clearly one of the most important characters in the Marvel world right now. Her show gave us a live-action hint at the levels to which her character can go in terms of using her powers. There are various games that have used the concept of force field and other powers and given us quite an exciting narrative. The game can explore her battle with her own self as she manages to seek hold of the complete potential of her powers. At the same time, the game could also adapt the storyline of the House of M comic books.


Marvel Superhero Games

Fans are soon about to witness the vast world of Hogwarts with the upcoming Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy. This gives an idea for an RPG game built on the X-Men world. The game could follow the arc of a student at Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. This could be an avenue for very interesting storylines around games, social life, and the classes from the essential X-Men characters while at the same time our protagonist could be coming to terms with his own powers. As MCU works on their own adaptation of the Mutants we can see this game as the perfect addition to a probable MCU game project.

Captain America

Captain America is quite an interesting character to explore with a game. The character has some of the most interesting storylines and narratives that could be made into a series of games. This game would benefit from the idea of the character being without superpowers and yet battling enemies who seem to have such abilities. These games could actually explore a vast variety of timelines considering the arc of Captain America has a chance for these.


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