New Avengers: Infinity War Set Image Reveals Shocking Twist For The Hulk

The Hulk isn’t exactly a stranger to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The not so gentle green giant from crazy town has a name synonymous with rampage. Chaos is something the incredible Hulk Specializes in and the fans love him for it. But will the Hulk and his insanely brute strength overcome the might of Thanos the Mad Titan?

Thanos has come to Earth looking for the Infinity Stones. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has hinted at the Existence of the Stones since the very beginning of the MCU. There is the space gem which was the Tesseract from Captain America: The First Avenger, the Power Gem from Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, the Reality Gem for Thor: The Dark World, the mind stone from Avengers: Age of Ultron and the time gem from Doctor Strange. With the Soul Gem rumored to reside in the African Nation of Wakanda and Black Panther’s Kingdom, Thanos’s quest for finding the Infinity Gems is nearing completion. Now all he needs to do is pick them and attach them to his Gauntlet like lego pieces. But how far is he willing go with the Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes here to try and stop him from taking over the universe?

The Avengers has two master assassins, one formidable tactician, the freaking Norse God of Thunder, an armored uber-genius and most importantly, the gamma goliath called infamously as the Hulk.

Even if Thanos manages to dispatch all of them, the Hulk is by himself too much to handle even for a space-faring war mongering maniac.

So what should Thanos do to make the Hulk get off his back when the Mad Titan goes hunting? Can a giant that does not know how to quit or get hurt or stay down be ever defeated? If so, how?

Interestingly, new set photos reveal what happens to the Hulk while trying to stomp over the purple guy from outer space.

Avengers: Infinity War has already finished production. The last phase for that was in Atlanta. Atlanta Filming helped catch a peculiar picture on the set of Infinity War. The picture features Tony Stark kneeling over while Wong performs some sort of spell over Iron Man. But we haven’t even been to the best part. Mark Ruffalo can be seen projecting a horrid expression from his face as hand prop that looks eerily similar to the Hulk’s draws towards him.

Why is a Hulk Hand trying to get to Mark Ruffalo’s neck? Is another Hulk in the works in Infinity War? Someone Thanos has been preparing in secret to counter the threat from Bruce Banner. While that seems logical enough, we might have a different theory that holds much more water.

Bruce Banner has always been in conflict with his inner Hulk persona. It always ended up taking control when Bruce was in danger. So with a threat like Thanos, it is just a matter of time before Bruce has to play the trump card and become the Hulk again. But since the Hulk persona is forever hungry for control over Banner’s mind, this time the Hulk Hand you are seeing on sets might not belong to an actual Hulk but to a metaphorical one. Maybe Banner is fighting with the Hulk Persona in his mind as both are vying to finally take control. The Hand looks eerily grey. Does it mean we finally get a comic accurate Grey Hulk? We may never know.

“Well… to rock all of y’all’s world a little more. Have fun figuring this out. (BTW Marvel said it was ok to put this out I have just been holding to torture everyone).”

The photo and caption are as stated below:

“So basically, Kevin [Feige] pulled me aside before this, and said, ‘If you were gonna do a… if we were going to do a standalone Hulk movie, what would it be?’ And I said, ‘I think it should be this, this, this, and this and this, and ends up like this.’ And he’s like, ‘I love that. Why don’t we do that in the next three movies, starting with Thor 3 and then we go into Avengers 3 and 4.’ And I was like, ‘That sounds great!’ And so we are at the beginning of this arc,” Ruffalo tells Cinemablend.

Avengers: Infinity War will be the second in a Hulk mini-trilogy since a standalone Hulk movie is now off the table.

Avengers Infinity War hulk

Avengers: Infinity War will hit the theaters on May 4, 2018, and Avengers Part 4 will hit the screens on May 3, 2019. Watch out fells coz the rise ain’t over yet…

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