Spider-Man: Homecoming – Here’s A Big Easter Egg We Missed About A Future Villain

Spider-Man: Homecoming was not a typical origin story, but in many ways, it did act like one. We got to explore Peter Parker’s story in his early days as Spider-Man. But Homecoming did something very important other than establishing Peter Parker as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It brought in not 1 or 2, but 5 Spider-Man villains. The Vulture and the Shocker were the two main villains of the film. Apart from them, the Tinkerer was brought in as the tech guy for Team Vulture. There were two other villains that showed up, but those characters were just set ups for the future.

Homecoming Big Easter Egg Missed About A Future Villain

Mac Gargan was one of them. He showed up a couple times throughout the film, and then was set up as a future villain at the end of the movie. Now we know that he is going to transform into the Scorpion and go up against Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3. But there’s one other villain that you may have noticed, and it was played by Donald Glover. He showed up as just a small-time criminal Aaron Davis, but he was set up to become the Prowler in the future. In fact, he already goes by “The Prowler” in the MCU. Check out this photo of Peter doing a background check on Aaron Davis:

If you zoom in and look at the bottom right details mentioned in the info about Davis, you’ll notice that his Alias is already “The Prowler.” He may not have his comic accurate suit yet, but that is probably being saved for the future of the MCU (or SUMC, wherever Sony plans to use him). And this future would probably not take place in a Spider-Man movie about Peter Parker.

Homecoming Big Easter Egg Missed About A Future Villain

Along with his future, Aaron Davis also teased us with the future arrival of Miles Morales as his own nephew. We saw a bit of Miles & Aaron’s relationship being explored in the animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and Marvel/Sony could do the same by giving Miles Morales his own film or show in the future. The time when Miles Morales becomes Spider-Man in the MCU, would be the time when Aaron Davis will also become The Prowler. And no, he won’t be a part of the Sinister Six that the MCU is assembling to take on Spider-Man.

MCU Villains

As for the members of the Sinister Six, we already have 4 solid players –

1. Adrian Toomes aka Vulture

2. Quentin Beck aka Mysterio (and his team)

3. Mac Gargan aka Scorpion

4. Dmitri aka Chameleon

Homecoming Big Easter Egg Missed About A Future Villain

The 5th member as we reckon is surely going to be Kraven the Hunter. It is the sixth member that does put us in a pickle. It could either be Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin. But rumor suggests that Norman Osborn won’t turn into the Green Goblin right from the beginning. He’d rather be the one to fund the operations of the Sinister Six so the 6th member of the villains team could either be Shocker, Morbius or probably someone new that hasn’t been introduced in the MCU just yet.

Spider-Man 3 Main Villain Revealed

As for when we could see Spider-Man 3, it is highly likely that the movie will now get delayed. Venom: Let There Be Carnage just got a June 25, 2021 release date. So there is no way that Spider-Man 3 will arrive in less than one month after Venom 2. We reckon that the Pandemic will end up pushing Spider-Man 3 into 2022.

Homecoming Big Easter Egg Missed About A Future Villain

Here’s everything we know about Spider-Man Homecoming 3 so far:

Both MCU Spider-Man movies have had “Home” in the title. So yes, Spider-Man 3 will also have “Home” in it (Maybe Homerun). Tom Holland will return as Peter Parker along with Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, Jon Favreau as Happy, Jacob Batalon Ned & Zendaya as MJ. JK Simmons should be back as JJJ. The rest of the rumors state that we’d see Spider-Man taking on Kraven & Scorpion until the end of the movie assembles the Sinister Six. Let’s see what happens.

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