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5 Reasons Why Kraven Should Be The Villain of Spider-Man 2 (& 5 Venom)

We have just gotten the first look at the sequel to the Spider-Man PS4 game, Spider-Man 2. The first two games in the series found great critical and commercial acclaim. Insomniac is already working on the next installment as they are not stopping with the success anytime soon. The trailer showed us that both Venom and Kraven the Hunter would appear as foes in the game. It is not yet clear who will be the primary villain yet. This is quite similar to the previous title wherein we weren’t sure if Mister Negative was the key foe and Doctor Octopus came out as the big bad ultimately. Let’s look at why Kraven should be the villain for the Spider-Man 2 console game, or why Venom should be.

Why Kraven Should Be The Villain

A New Addition (Kraven)

Kraven The Hunter is a character that hasn’t really experienced much of the success the other characters who have appeared in the games have. The character hasn’t got a cinematic adaptation yet. The idea that the game might adapt the character from comics gives the fans very few expectations is rather exciting. This might also act as a major introduction to the depictions of the characters thus giving the fans something to hype up for with the upcoming movie.


The Beloved Comic Book Arc (Kraven)

Why Kraven Should Be The Villain

There are numerous comic book arcs that very much require some sort of adaptation in the games or movies. One can clearly agree that Kraven actually has one of the best narratives in the web slinger’s history. Amongst the most interesting arcs of Kraven is definitely Last Hunt which could be considered as essential source material for the character. Here, Kraven actually ends up killing Peter Parker and then hangs around as Spider-Man in order to show his superiority over the hero.


Complex Character (Kraven)

Kraven The Hunter is actually quite a complex character to be explored in any possible interpretation. The character is absolutely crazy for his hunt and would go to massive lengths to achieve that. While the other characters have a certain alter ego to look for Kraven doesn’t have that and it leaves us with hardly much to explore in the character except for his brutal villainy.


Unique Perspectives (Kraven)

With this completely fresh set of villains, there is a chance that we might get a completely different story that might set itself apart from the previous game. Kraven would be the perfect choice to go with this move as it might help with this concept. This choice of villain would be the ideal move for heading in a new direction with the future projects in the Gamerverse.


The Design For The Character (Kraven)

Why Kraven Should Be The Villain

The other villains have appeared with their character depictions having had various interpretations. But one can say that they have mostly been repetitive. This is not the same for Kraven considering the character has designs, abilities, and characteristics which are something the audience might have not witnessed before. The character has a certain grittiness that makes him an interesting villain.


Expansion In The Universe (Venom)

The games have already invoked a character like Miles Morales into the universe. That even had its own spin-off game that also saw a massive success amongst the fans. This gives fans hope for a similar potential for the Venom character. Fans are already aware of the potential Venom serves as a protagonist with the Sony movies. At the same time, this could be an interesting means of introducing characters like Agent Venom or The King In Black.


Familiar Villain (Venom)

The audiences are quite familiar with the character of Venom with the multiple renditions we have gotten for the character via movies and games. This just goes to add to the fact that the players will also be aware of the rivalry this villain plays with a friendly neighborhood hero. There are various interpretations for the character to be drawn from the comic books.


Continuation To The Story (Venom)

The players who have played the previous games in the series might be aware that Venom was already present in the game with a very small role to play. We find that the missing character of Harry Osborn has actually been taken over by a Symbiote. His father Norman was actually trying really hard to find a way to rid him of this beast. It is quite clear that Insomniac might continue with that storyline using Venom as the primary foe.


The Black Spider-Man Suit (Venom)

One has to agree with the fact that the Black Spider-Man suit design is quite an iconic look for the character of Spider-Man. The character of Spider-man being taken over by the symbiote is etched into the memory of fans for a long time. It would be rather exciting to see a complete interpretation of this moment in games. We all remember this in the movies when we got to see it in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3.


Additional Symbiote Enemies (Venom)

Introducing Venom to this world might also give an opportunity for introducing the other Symbiote enemies. This is something that is not available for the other such villains in the games. Kraven is completely different in this aspect as the character is quite a solo act. The game might end up being more challenging for the players if the other Symbiote enemies are introduced.


After seeing the reasons why Kraven should be the Villain or Venom should be, whom do you want to see as the big bad of the upcoming game? Let us know.

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