Spider-Man 2

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    Well-Known Movie Villains With Illogical Motivations

    Many movies are built around the struggle of the Hero’s life and crafting a story around the worthiness of the hero with regards to his powers or capability or even his inheritance to the respect in the society needs to be challenged by the antagonist. The story of the antagonist often revolves around a motivation that arises only when the…

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    Sam Raimi Almost Featured Our Favorite Avenger in Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man 2 certainly is the best film of the original trilogy directed by Sam Raimi. It was a big upgrade upon the original film. Sadly, Spider-Man 3 wasn’t as great as 1 or 2 because Sony wanted to put in 3 villains at once instead of listening to Raimi’s advice. And when Spider-Man 3 didn’t have the critics on its…

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