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Spider-Man 2: Why Doc Ock Tried To Kill Peter Parker And Not Spidey

Spider-Man 2 is still considered amongst the best movies that involve the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. While the first movie in the Sam Raimi trilogy dealt with the origin of the character the second movie actually took us to much more depth of the character. The movie was probably the only one that was able to establish the villain in a proper manner. Alfred Molina appeared as Doc Ock in the movie and that was the first time we saw a villain of such scale appear in a movie. As Peter Parker struggled with getting acclimatized with his powers, Doc Ock had his own goals. One question that fans have always pondered over is why Doc Ock tried to kill Peter Parker and not Spider-Man in Sam Raimi’s second Marvel movie.

Spider-Man 2

Throughout the majority of the movie, we see Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker deal with the idea of having lost his powers forever. He starts getting used to normal life and actually starts enjoying it before Doc Ock gets hell-bent at killing him. Dr. Otto Octavius becomes the villain after he is taken over by the tentacled arms as the only thing that stops them from becoming intelligent is somehow destroyed.


Peter Parker had decided to abandon the costumed persona as his powers started failing but they are brought back due to an event that could have otherwise proved to be fatal. Doc Ock attacks Peter by throwing a car at a café where Peter had gone to meet Mary Jane. As both of their lives were in danger, Peter’s Spider-sense kicks and he is able to save himself and Mary Jane in time. If Peter hadn’t gotten his powers back then this would have clearly killed him and Mary Jane. This makes us wonder why Doc Ock wanted to kill Peter Parker considering he had a number of chances to kill Spider-Man himself.


Why Doc Ock Tried To Kill Peter Parker?

According to the movie, Doc Ock thought that Peter Parker and Spider-Man were two different people and he is clearly driven at taking proper revenge on Spider-Man. Octavius thinks that Spider-Man is responsible for the failure of the experiment and the death of his wife. Doc Ock figured that Peter had a friendship with Spider-Man considering the former was able to take pictures of the hero for the newspaper.


Having this in mind he wants to kill the only person who has a connection to Spider-Man so that he could make the web crawler understand his own pain. Making a direct attempt at killing Peter Parker might feel too much but taking Doc Ock’s entire character into consideration throughout the movie we can understand this move. Doc Ock intended to draw out Spider-Man by killing the one person who Spider-Man must have cared for.


Why Doc Ock Tried To Kill Peter Parker?

In the novelization for Spider-Man 2, Doctor Octopus had wire-tapped Peter’s phone and learned that the latter would be meeting Mary Jane. He decides that he will use this as the perfect opportunity to make his move and kill Peter. While Spider-Man had been absent for this entire period of time considering Peter had lost his powers, Doc Ock thought that killing Peter and his friend would force Spider-Man to return.


Why Doc Ock Tried To Kill Peter

The scene following this attack with the car is a clear indication of the motives of Doc Ock as he sticks to his plans ever after Peter jumps out of the way of the car. The villain throws Peter to a wall after telling him where he will be taking Mary Jane and thus where he’ll be waiting for Spidey. If Peter Parker hadn’t gotten his powers then he would have clearly died or been in a terrible condition. Considering the plans for Doc Ock came to fruition a dying Peter would have told Spider-Man where Octavius was and thus the hero would have gone for Doc Ock.


This is a clear indication of the danger and intelligence of the character of Spider-Man’s enemy Doctor Octopus. Even the comics have often indicated him being one of the major enemies of Spider-Man. The character has a proper narrative as he was initially a good man but the failure of the experiment made him a monster. This character will be seen appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home in continuation of his narrative in Spider-Man 2 we are left to wonder the major threat Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will face.

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