Would you prefer Someone instead of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman?

With the huge success of Wonder Woman, we may think that Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins were a perfect team in Hollywood, smashing all the records and capturing the hearts of the fans. But, things almost would not have been the same.

When Zack Snyder was casting actors for Batman V Superman: Daw on Justice, the movie where Wonder Woman had made her debut, Patty Jenkins had already been in talks with Warner Bros. studios to direct Wonder Woman. But, when Wonder Woman was actually cast as Gal Gadot, the Studio and Snyder moved forward with the casting without taking any input or notifying Jenkins.

gal gadot as wonder woman

After Wonder Woman hit theatres, Jenkins revealed in an interview that she was not that happy when the decision of casting Wonder Woman was made without her and she might have probably cast someone else for the role. But, as we can see things ended up well for Jenkins and Gadot all of us.

“I wouldn’t have done the project if I had even the slightest problem with it. That’s how important casting is. I remember when I read in the news that Wonder Woman had been cast and my heart sank. I had been talking to the studio for so long about doing it and I was like well ‘that’s that.’ I’m sure we wouldn’t have made the same choice. And then I started paying attention to her, and watching her and looking at her and it was just unbelievable.

“Frankly, I think they did a better job than I could have because I don’t know that I would have scoured the earth as hard to find her. I don’t know that I would’ve looked internationally. I would have just looked for an American girl. The fact that they found Gal and chose her is a magical gift to me. They’re incredibly intelligent people and they were looking for all the same things I would have looked for—all the values that Wonder Woman stands for exuding from someone in an honest way, and boy did they find it. She’s the greatest.” Said Jenkins.

No one in the world along with Patty herself would now wish for things to have been turned out differently. Even those who criticised the casting have come around to change their opinions.

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