Well-Known Movie Villains With Illogical Motivations

Many movies are built around the struggle of the Hero’s life and crafting a story around the worthiness of the hero with regards to his powers or capability or even his inheritance to the respect in the society needs to be challenged by the antagonist. The story of the antagonist often revolves around a motivation that arises only when the villain feels motivated to cause harm to anyone or anything to make his vision a reality. The role of a villain is extremely important in a movie and plays a vital part which helps in sewing and binding the reality of the story around the narrative of the film. But, many a time the storytellers get so fixated on making the heroes look so good, they often forget what it takes to push a man to the level of losing control of all logic and resort to villainous intentions of hurting people around them irrespective of the damage that they might cause. Here is a list of villains with the lamest possible intentions for going bad.

 1. The Night Fox – Ocean’s Twelve

Francois Toulour aka Night Fox is the rival master thief to Danny Oceans. The plot of the story revolves around Franc challenging Danny to steal the Faberge egg and if Danny is successful, Franc will pay off all his debt. The movie sees Danny is shown being unsuccessful in his mission and Franc telling them he had already stolen the egg, only to realize that Danny and his team already had stolen the egg on a prior set date and that he had lost the egg and a big sum of money. All this started when someone influential referred to Danny as “The best thief in the world”, which got franc jealous and the story unfolded.

 2. The Neighborhood Watch Alliance – Hot Fuzz

Ever heard of the whole town idealists get together to kill a bunch of people who could probably be the reason for the town to lose in a competition of the ‘Village of the Year’ award which is a coveted prize to be won by the town if all goes well. The movie is an action-comedy so it explains the plot, but is the lamest motive for a bunch of bad people going around committing a crime for some award which the town may have the chance of winning if some people were to die.

  3. Gaston – Beauty And The Beast

Movie Villains Illogical Motivations
Movie Villains Illogical Motivations

Gaston is a hunk of a man in the animated movie, who has a thing for Belle. Belle is the town’s bookworm who on numerous occasions has shot down several advancements made by Gaston. In the movie, Gaston finds out that Belle likes an ostensible beast from the forest and locks Belle with her father, and heads to the castle with a group of villagers with the intent to kill the beast. In the end, Gaston only manages to hurt the beast a bit before falling off from the top of the castle to his unforeseeable death, leaving Belle with the beast alone, when he could have had any girl from the town. Kind of a lame excuse to turn villainous when your crush turns down your proposal.

 4. The Joker – Batman (1989)

Probably one of the lamest excuses for the Joker franchise for going crazy on the city of Gotham is because this Joker wanted his face on the dollar bill. This motivation alone overshadowed the devious nature of the Joker and caused a lot of audiences to not take him seriously.

 5. Blofeld – Spectre

Movie Villains Illogical Motivations
Movie Villains Illogical Motivations

Christoph Waltz cast as the movie’s villain had caused waves in the film fraternity with high expectations from the villainous role. The retcon that was setup also connected all the dots that connected with everything that ever went wrong with Daniel Craig from the Casino Royale events. As it was the villain Franz Oberhauser (revealed as Blofeld in the movie) behind the events. He has been orchestrating everything from the Casino Royale events to get back at Bond. But the lamest excuse for the revenge was something as simple as Blofeld’s father having a favorable behavior towards his adopted son (Bond) than his son (Blofeld) which led to all the events in Casino Royale, Skyfall, and Spectre.

 6. Aldrich Killian – Iron Man 3

The motivation that drove Aldrich Killian was that in college Tony sarcastically requested Killian to wait on the rooftop of the university for an impromptu meet-up that Aldrich Killian wanted to show Tony. To get a grant from Tony’s company to help continue his research in the dream he believed in. The same day Aldrich Killian wowed to avenge tony by enhancing the formula and use the same to avenge tony.

 7. Lori – Happy Death Day

Movie Villains Illogical Motivations
Movie Villains Illogical Motivations

The protagonist somehow manages to relive the same day over and over again in a twisted fate of events get murdered the same day. Later on, as she goes through the reliving period finds out the killer is a sorority member named Lori who kills her as she is in love with the same professor from the college. Eventually, the protagonist kills her killer in an act of self-defense.

 8. Kimmy – The Purge: Election Year

The teenager called Kimmy is caught by the store owner trying to sneak away with candy bars, he catches her red-handed and asks her to return every one of them. When the annual Purge begins Kimmy makes it back to the same store in an attempt to cut the steel security gates in an attempt to break in and kill all inside. But that is not the only thing she wants; she also wants the Candy bar which her motivation for going evil. Kind of a stupid reason for being evil just because the state allows you to be for a night.

 9. Edgar Balthazar – The Aristocrats

Probably the dumbest villain in all of movie history is left with a bunch of cats with a massive fortune been written off to them by their dead owner. Edgar the butler is tasked by the duchess in her last will to take care of the cats until the cats don’t pass away. What Edgar fails to realizes that during his endeavor to wait for the cats to die, he is the heir to the fortune as cats can’t spend money for themselves, giving his motive no sense of claim.

 10. Electro – Spider-Man 2

Movie Villains Illogical Motivations
Movie Villains Illogical Motivations

Electro is Sonny who is an engineer and falls into a pool of genetically engineered electrical eels. The eels wrap around him and transform him into a genetically mutated Power plant. Sony wakes up miffed about what had happened to him and walks to the town square where unknowingly sends a jolt of electricity into innocent bystanders where Spider-Man at the nick of time saves many causalities. Spider-Man tries to talk Sony down by asking his name which takes Sonny aback because earlier Spider-Man had saved him from potential danger and called his name from the name tag that he was wearing. After getting his powers Sony decides to attack Spider-man because Spidey could not make out that the electrically charged person standing in front of him is the same dork he had saved a few days ago and had also forgotten his name.

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