Shazam’s Director Teases Major Casting Announcements In The Future  

The DCEU gained confidence after Wonder Woman turned out to be a massive blockbuster and provided a kick-start that they really needed after Man of Steel and Batman v Superman got mixed reviews even though they did reasonably okay at the box-office. The Justice League movie could have taken the DC cinematic universe to insane heights but it fell way short of gigantic expectations that fans had.

After Justice League, WB has already set up a slate of movies that are already under production and will hit the theatres in the coming years. The next movie that is already under production is Aquaman which is coming out in December 2018. After Aquaman, SHAZAM is in the works.

The director of Shazam David F. Sandberg reached out to writer Henry Gayden to praise his “latest draft” of ‘Shazam’. The script starts with a Red and Blue blur in the sky. Then the blur appears to be none other than the Man of Steel himself.

Billy Batson is not very impressed with Superman and after seeing the Kryptonian, he exclaims, “Oh, is dis bitch. Hold my beer Tawny.” Tawny is a dapper looking Tiger who is a supporting character of Shazam in the comics.

Recently, it was announced that the ‘Chuck’ star Zachary Levi going to star in SHAZAM! and will play the role of Billy Batson, aka SHAZAM. He will don a red suit and white lightning bolt in the DCEU’s Shazam.

Earlier, there were two actors that were the possible candidates to play the older, super-powered version of Billy Batson. According to the sources earlier, John Cena and Joshua Sasse were the frontrunners for the part.

Zach Levi is a very capable actor and he has what it needs to be SHAZAM in the movie which is going to be very light-hearted and totally different from the other superhero movies that are being developed in the DC Films Universe.

Levi is not new to comic book roles as we last saw him in Thor: The Dark World as Fandral, who is one of the warriors three. This makes him the 4th actor to have a role in both MCU and the DC Films Universe. Along with Thor, he has also appeared in Heroes: Reborn.

David recently took to Instagram and offered a glimpse into the war room of what is still to come. He posted an image with 74 boxes pinned to a corkboard out of which 71 have question marks. The three people that have been cast include Zachary Levi (Shazam), Asher Angel (young Billy Batson) and Jack Dylan Grazer as Freddy Freeman who is the best friend of Batson and the only guy who knows about Billy’s adult alter-ego.

Billy Batson is a young boy who has the ability to transform into an adult Superhero who has lightning and mystical powers. This happens when he utters the word ‘Shazam!’ Shazam is actually a combination that represents 6 mythical figures who grant their powers to Billy Batson. They are Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury.


A post shared by David F. Sandberg (@ponysmasher) on Nov 26, 2017 at 3:45pm PST

But Shazam may not be alone in his fight against the bad buys. David F. Sandberg took to Instagram and posted a video that made fans think if Batman would appear in Shazam. The video was from DC Animated project featuring Billy Batson who is unconscious, Batman approaches him, Billy wakes up and transforms into Shazam, then immediately video cuts to Bruce Wayne waking up from a dream sequence that appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Is it for fun sake or Is it a real possibility?

According to THR, Mark Strong is in talks with the studio to play the big villain in Shazam i.e Dr. Sivana who is considered to be a most dangerous villain in Shazam comics. He has forayed into superhero movies in the past as he was Sinestro in 2011’s Green Lantern which despite all efforts bombed at the box-office.

Dr. Sivana made his comic-book debut in 1940’s Whiz Comics #2. He was born in Europe in 1800’s and became one of the world’s most amazing minds. He had a hunger for invention and discovery which made him an object of ridicule. He resettled in Venus and left Earth but unfortunately there also he cultivated hatred for humanity. He decided to avenge his personal humiliation from the people of Earth and held it to ransom by holding back all of the world’s communications, but Shazam finally saved the day.


This is going to be David F. Sandberg’s first massive action superhero flick. He had previously made Annabelle: Creation and Lights Out, and both of them turned out to be box office success for WB, which is what lead him to sign up for this Superhero flick. He has gotten a great opportunity to give us a story about a superhero who is not as popular as the rest of the Justice League members. All the best to DCEU.

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