Jurassic World 2 Trailer Reveals Shocking Twist That You Won’t See It Coming

When Jurassic World released, it shattered records at the Box Office. Colin Trevorrow’s masterpiece was so much of a success people were wondering why wasn’t a sequel in the making anytime soon. Their prayers have been answered. Jurassic World’s sequel is titles Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom and the trailer is already out since yesterday, wowing viewers as we speak.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is being directed by J.A Bayona and stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the titular male and female leads. The trailer is something of an oddball as viewers may have already noticed. Jurassic World involved an amusement park gone rogue when the Park operators decided to play God. The story revolved around the protagonists trying to escape from the island Isla Nublar. But the trailer shows the sequel will see the leads returning back to Isla Nublar to save the very creatures that were trying to eat them not long ago. It is no longer an Escape the Zoo situation but more of a Save the Zoo scenario.

The Zoo is in utter turmoil. Uncontrolled Volcanic activity is threatening to destroy the whole island itself. As the two-legged and the four-legged decide to escape the island, Chris Pratt’s Owen Brady and Howard’s Claire Dearing will be seen returning back to the island and joining hands to save what little life is left of the majestic, incredible creatures from the Jurassic Era.

Blue and Owen reunite:

Jurassic World

The first movie ended with Blue and Owen fighting side by side to defeat Blue’s genetic superior Indominus Rex – An experimental Dinosaur with the genes spliced from various other creatures that make it super strong, super smart and super agile even compared to dinosaur standards. Blue and the Raptor pack help Owen take down Indominus and later as the dinosaurs are left to take over the park, Owen bids a heart-wrenching Goodbye to Blue before escaping.

The trailer starts with Owen hesitating to return back to the island until Claire reminds him Blue is still alive. A flashback of Owen and Blue as a baby raptor is shown. A later scene shows Owen pushing his hand out to reach Blue until the latter snaps out. The Owen-Blue dynamic is something we would definitely want the movie to explore further. How is Blue? What happens to the rest of the Raptor-Gang?? How does Owen plan to get Blue and the other dinosaurs out of the sinking island??? And more importantly Where????

Isla Nublar is dying:

The Park has been officially decommissioned. There is no human oversight over the Dinosaur’s activities. The cages have been open and the boundaries have been broken for a long time. So basically nature has taken over. With no intervention, the dinosaurs run wild around the Island. But with no guardian figure, the paradise island comes with a catch.

Since the smaller dinosaurs are no longer under protection, the bigger dinos will be the reigning kings and would have almost wiped them out. Starvation would be a real problem in Isla Nublar now. Not only that, a disease is something the dino population would be running rampant on. They haven’t vaccinated anymore and they sure as hell don’t have any medical insurance. Add the Island’s impending doom via Volcanic Explosion, we have an island that will be unable to sustain itself any longer and die a miserable death.

Which Dino is will be the New Villain:

Jurassic Park 1 and 2 had the T-Rex as the villain while the Jurassic Park III had the Spinosaurus as the big bad of that movie. Jurassic World also had their intriguing takes on the big bad dinosaur – Pteranodons attacked the Park and killed a lot of people n the movie. The Indominus Rex was the real big bad of the Jurassic World. It really made life hell for the protagonists until Brady and his raptors finally were able to defeat him in no small part to the help of the ocean-dwelling Mosasaurus finally dealing the killing blow.

J.A Bayona is rumored to be looking at a sea-dwelling creature to be the new villain of the movie. The trailer already shows a Ceratosaurus as he tries to rip apart the leads. A volcanic explosion is seen as Howard uses a Gyrosphere to jump into the water below. Maybe that is where the original Big Bad finally surfaces itself. Whether it is land based or water based, only time can give us the answer.

With Ian Malcolm’s quirky speeches and Owen Brady’s comic timing and Claire’s athletic abilities(remember she outran a dinosaur wearing heels in the first movie. Never forget she is the next Usain Bolt!!!), Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom has a release date of June 22, 208. Stay tuned for more news as Quirkybyte is now on Dino Watch.

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