Is Henry Cavill Going To Become Captain Britain in a Marvel Movie?

The departure of Henry Cavill from the DCEU is grabbing all the headlines and is currently the hot topic for all the newspapers and headline-makers. Warner Bros. have also clarified that they’re sending the Superman sequels for a sleep for some time and have already shifted their focus to the upcoming movies of DCEU. Their recent comments about the project of Supergirl which hinted that they’ve already started the project behind closed doors but a concrete statement after finalizing the things is still on the waiting list.

Henry Cavill announced on September 4, 2018, that he’ll be portraying the role of Geralt of Rivia in Netflix adaptation of The Witcher. So, it seems like he was already out of the DCEU in his mind and the seeds were sown a long time ago of leaving the cape forever and now, he is looking forward towards a different phase in his acting career. Cavill has already played a role in the action spy movie film Mission Impossible – Fallout.

Cavill is an actor who has a vast experience of acting in a superhero movie and also the character he played is still of one of the biggest, most popular and the strongest in the history of superheroes. But with his departure from DC, there is someone who is looking to add this weapon in their arsenal and it’s none other than their biggest rival – Marvel.

Captain Britain Henry Cavill

Twitter just got bombarded by the tweets of Marvel fans who are pleading the producers to seal a contract with Henry Cavill and offer him the role of Captain Britain in Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is a set of fans who are also in favor of making Cavill the next Wolverine or Cyclops. But, it’s the role of Captain Britain who is at the top of every fan’s list.  It’s hard to find any reason why Cavill couldn’t play the role of Captain Britain because the guy who has played the role of Superman can easily do a character like Captain Britain because Cavill has a face of a leader.

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Cavill also broke his silence on the news of his broken terms with Warner Bros., but it seems like he just gave his fans the last glimmer of his performance as the Superman in a cryptic video which he posted some days ago on his official Instagram account. On the other side, Cavill’s manager, Dany Garcia has said,

“The cape is still in his closet,” also adding that, “has been and continues to be our partners (Warner Bros.) as they evolve the universe.”

But, the official statement from the Warner Bros. reflected a completely different picture of the whole situation as their released statement through The Hollywood Reporter which goes like,

“No decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, but the studio has always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill and that remains unchanged.”

So, with Cavill departing from the DC with no clues of returning, the most successful movie franchise of all-time, Marvel surely wants to go for the signature of the actor and with the offer of a solo movie about Great Britain is a great deal for both the sides. Apart from that, fans are also really dying to see Cavill back in superhero movies because, after his performance in the colors of Superman, it seems like the great actor is made up for the characters of superheroes.

Marvel can lure the actor towards their franchise as there are rumors of getting the director of Sherlock Holmes (2009), and its sequel, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011), Guy Ritchie for the project of Captain Britain and the Black Knight movie. The director has worked with Henry Cavill in an American action spy film names as “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”. So, Cavill is familiar to this potential director of Marvel’s two big projects and this thing can surely play a vital part in Cavill entry to the Marvel. And if all goes well, then the fans would get to see these two friends reunite for this much-awaited project by Marvel.

Cavill is going to face a tough competition from some English actors such as Star Trek’s Simon Pegg and Pirates of the Caribbean’s Orlando Bloom, have also expressed their interest in doing the character of this super-soldier. For now, Cavill is working hard in his upcoming project of Geralt from The Witcher.

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