10 Movie Scenes That Were Meant To Be Completely Different

Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if you had taken the other road?  Well, that dilemma always hangs around as long as we have more than one option to decide. A similar thought can be given to films that were going to take a different route but changed at the last moment. Writers and directors often visualize something but change their minds when their idea doesn’t translate on the screen the way they had imagined. Several movies would have played out differently had the makers gone with the original scenes shot or different ideas that were suggested. But they scrapped out those moments and rewrote the plot. Find out the 10 movie scenes that were meant to be completely different.


Logan was the last bit of the X-Men storyline which had more depth than a mere superhero film. Watching Xavier, who was once a hero and a leader, in his most vulnerable state as an old man who is also nearing his death was quite overwhelming. The man with the most powerful brain ended up battling dementia. According to the original script, Charles Xavier was supposed to be living in a water tank, perched at 200 ft. But then the team found it weird for Logan to climb up and down to Charles’s room again and again.

District 9

It would have been really hard to take the original aliens in District 9 seriously. If they had gone with the original idea, the aliens would have resembled vagabonds. Having sensitive skin on earth would have forced the aliens to cover themselves with whatever they laid their hands on, from leaves to traffic signs to the garbage, and so on.

Alien 3

Scenes Meant To Be Completely Different
Scenes Meant To Be Completely Different

The gross chartbuster in Alien was going to have a friendly face. The team had thought of casting a dog, implicating that the parasite took some form of the host. But it was way too hard to take a chestbuster dog seriously so they dropped this idea and went with something else.


The part where RoboCop walked on water was not in the script. It popped up in director Paul Verhoeven’s mind on the spot as the big walls around RoboCop reminded him of Jerusalem. Hence, the titular hero walking on water was a reference to Jesus.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp is the master of disguises whose entire career stands on eccentric fantasy characters. Depp was pretty much adamant about giving a noseless face to Jack Sparrow initially. He wanted his character to have a wound instead of a nose and be afraid of the common cold and things like pepper. However, his idea was rejected by Disney and the director managed to convince him to let it go.

Blade Runner

Scenes Meant To Be Completely Different
Scenes Meant To Be Completely Different

Even though Blade Runner was perfect in every aspect, there was a fight scene that we probably would have enjoyed with equal gusto. It happened when Deckard and Gaff found a snake scale while searching for an apartment. This scene would have followed the two pulling down a murphy bed exposing a replicant lurking behind it. However, the stringent budget didn’t allow for the replicant Vs Deckard and Gaff scene.


The critically-acclaimed film was on the verge of going with an awkward joke which would have left the otherwise impressed audience blank. “Birdman” would have ended with Michael Keaton attending an interview after his character dies on the stage and enjoying the positive reviews. It would have been followed by a scene showing Johnny Depp holding a poster of Jack Sparrow that asks him “What are we doing here?”

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

We all know how it went in GOTG2 when Star-Lord aka Peter Quill met his father, Ego, the Planet for the first time. He was hesitant to trust his father initially as they had never met before but Gamora convinced Peter to give him a chance, only for the party to regret it later. Things would have gone different according to the original script. In this version, Peter would have welcomed Ego with open arms right from the beginning whereas it was Gamora who had her reservations about his father.

Star Wars

Scenes Meant To Be Completely Different
Scenes Meant To Be Completely Different

Instead of being the wobbly alien crime lord alien, Jabba the Hutt would have had a different appearance. The franchise was going to go with a large furry alien who would be voiced by Declan Mulholland to get the Northern Irish accent.


The cringe-worthy Predator had several concept designs before making it to the final script. But the original form of Predator that the director had finalized was going to resemble an extraterrestrial duck. They had even begun filming by casting Jean-Claude Van Damme to play the Predator but realized what a terrible idea it was while they were half way.

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