Here’s Why Gorr Is Black And White In Thor 4 Trailer

After months of waiting and waiting, Marvel finally dropped the official trailer of Thor 4 earlier this week. The trailer gave us the highly-anticipated first look at the villain, Gorr the God Butcher. People loved how menacing he looks. But most of all, they liked Gorr in a black and white frame. But we think this is symbolic of one of his bigger traits, rather than just being for aesthetic reasons. Keep up with the post to find more about why Gorr is black and white and Taika’s choices for a separate gradient for a villain.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is, no doubt, one of the most ambitious projects from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie will be featuring not one, but two Gods of Thunder, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Greek gods, and the infamous, Gorr, the God Butcher. Even the cast of the movie is as good as the character line-up. Russel Crowe as Zeus and the American Psycho himself, Christian Bale, for Gorr. And God, oh God, how good they both look in the trailer. Especially Gorr, who sent chills down everybody’s backs in the few scenes he was in the trailer. And from what we can tell, this Gorr will be straight outta the comics.


The comics’ version of Gorr was one of the most ruthless murderers who could travel through time. Feeling betrayed y the Gods, Gorr set out on a mission to make them pay with their lives. He took on the All-Black the Necroswod as his primary weapon while absorbing the energy of every God he slew. And Christian Bale’s Gorr who looks a little simple in one of the scenes, and worn-out, dark, and injured in some of the other ones, looks like Bale’s Gorr will have the same absorbing abilities as his comic counterpart. But he will be even better, thanks to the black and white background that brings out the darkness inside him.



When a movie is directed by someone as artistic as Taika Waititi, it is so much more than it seems. And we believe we figured it out. In a movie that seems to feature colors in all their glory in Thor’s suits, the Bifrost, and Lightning effects, the monochrome palette in a scene featuring Gorr stands out. And we think the root of this lies in the nature of the two big characters of the movie- Gorr and Thor. From what we see in the trailer, Thor seems a pretty positive guy, fresh off from his depression. He is finally happy by accepting himself as he is. He has even gotten a Loki tattoo to honor his sacrifice. So he represents the good in the movie.


As for Gorr, he has lost his parents, wife, and children, and is on a rampage to rid the world of Gods. (That is, if Waititi decides to keep the origins intact. After all, the movie is heavily based on Thor: God of Thunder comic issues.) So he is in a very dark place in his heart and he is so far gone that there might be no return at this point. And Waititi wants to show his trait in every scene featuring the God Butcher. Hence, the monochromatic palette. And this is yet another Taika Waititi signature that fans fell in love with, within Thor: Ragnarok.


This may seem like a theory to you but the trailer establishes this in other scenes too. When we first see Mt Olympus, home of the Greek Pantheon, we see it in vibrant colors. Those symbolize the harmony and peace that the place has been experiencing for a long time. However, we see the place again in the background of the Valkyrie v Gorr fight where wee the monochrome effect again.


n subsequent scenes, we see Gorr between planets, where we see the origin of the monochrome effect. It is not so much that Gorr sucks the light, instead, it shows that wherever he goes, destruction and death follow, and so does the black and white.

What do you think about why Gorr is black and white? Do let us know in the comments below.


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