6 Horror Movies That Were Banned

Hair-raising stories that give you the chills, nightmares that just don’t go away, terrifying shadows follow you everywhere and the fear is hard to dispel. “Scared” is an understatement!!!! That’s horror for you. The genre of horror has always been present in the cinematic world. The bad is balanced by good, the horrifying by the spiritual. Our interest in the darkness has always made us inquisitive about the supernatural, superstitions and the perturbing. This interest has naturally led us into the deeper and darker shadows of the unknown hit by true incidents that have shaken the firm believers and fiction that feeds on our fear of the unknown. Horror movies have a cult following among the people, however sometimes the horrifying can rattle you in your soul. There have been many horror movies that were banned for reasons that go beyond explanation. Horror movies that were banned are:

 1. The Exorcist

Based on the story of demonic possession of a girl shook everyone. Heads rolling 360 degrees, and violence was too much to handle. Rumors that people suffered heart attacks during the movie screening made the ban on the movie for almost as good as a decade legitimate.

 2. Antichrist

Another stirring movie dealing with the lives of a couple after the loss of their son. This movie had supernatural forces chasing the couple. Due to graphic violence and goriness, the movie was banned.

 3. Evil Dead

This was one of the earliest well-known movies to be banned and it was based on pure horror. Its story is based on a group of friends and their trip to the woods takes a shocking turn with the rise of the demons.

 4. Cannibal Holocaust

Horror Movies That Were Banned

It is a film that was banned because of extreme acts of violence and gruesome blood bath scenes. Its story revolves around a documentary crew that goes missing in the Amazon forest feared to be killed by a cannibal tribe.

 5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

It boasts of cannibalism. The movie was so intense that it sent shivers down the spine of many.

 6. The Serbian

This film is another horror movie that was banned because of all the violence and blood curdling sequences.

These horror movies become offensive because of the violence, graphic details and the sacrilegious issues to a wider audience.

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