Blade Runner

  • MoviesMovie Villains turned Out To Be Right

    10 Movie Villains Who Turned Out To Be Right

    Everyone is a hero of their own stories. Sometimes we see heroes as the good guys because of how they are portrayed. Tables might turn sharply if we look from a different angle. If we are shown a villain’s perspective and reason, we might not necessarily see them as the buy guys. They are mostly projected as heartless creatures who…

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  • HollywoodMovies Titles In Foreign Countries

    12 Movies and Series With Bizarre Titles In Foreign Countries

    Nowadays most of the movies aim to release in the international markets to go home with a bigger profit. But before they can reap benefits from the foreign markets, there are some changes that the films have to undergo. The onus usually falls on the creative and marketing teams who study the psyche of the country and tweak the film…

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  • MoviesScenes Meant To Be Completely Different

    10 Movie Scenes That Were Meant To Be Completely Different

    Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if you had taken the other road?  Well, that dilemma always hangs around as long as we have more than one option to decide. A similar thought can be given to films that were going to take a different route but changed at the last moment. Writers and directors often…

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  • MoviesRomantic Scenes In Movies Creepy

    10 Romantic Scenes In Movies That Can Be Creepy

    We are not here to mock corny romances. In fact, we are all for “love is in the air” with hearts on the phone back cover, and pictures of bae brimming our Instagram profiles. JK. Instagram is all about me and my “not so perfect life”. Regardless of our relationship status and our stand in love, romcoms make us feel…

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  • News

    Blade Runner 2049 Teaser is Brilliant

    Blade Runner is undoubtedly one of the best science fiction movies ever made. Unfortunately, it didn’t receive the deserved reception and was a box-office bomb. But the movie later had a cult fan following and everyone praised the visionary director Ridley Scott. Set in a futuristic world the movie told the story of specialized officers called Blade Runners who are…

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