10 Romantic Scenes In Movies That Can Be Creepy

We are not here to mock corny romances. In fact, we are all for “love is in the air” with hearts on the phone back cover, and pictures of bae brimming our Instagram profiles. JK. Instagram is all about me and my “not so perfect life”. Regardless of our relationship status and our stand in love, romcoms make us feel warm and happy. It’s always good to escape reality and feel hopeful with fictional fairytales. But if we hold on to our horses for once and not let the heart cloud our judgments (like it does in real life), some of these iconic on-screen romances will appear quite odd. We apologize in advance but we couldn’t help from unseeing the unsettling elements lurking behind the couple. Find out the 10 romantic scenes in movies that can be creepy.

 1. Cher and Josh in Clueless

Clueless was inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma where Cher and Josh played the lead characters. It should be a beautiful and fun love story just like Emma but the leading romantic characters in the movie were stepbrother and sister. Their parents did separate later but the chemistry between Cher and Josh sparked while they were growing up together under one roof. What will they say when people ask how they met?

 2. Gloria and Jeremy in Wedding Crashers

Romantic Scenes In Movies Creepy

The whole concept of love in Wedding Crashers was bizarre. First of all, Owen Wilson’s John and Rachel McAdam’s Claire spark romance even when Clair thought that he was her cousin. But the most shocking part was Vince Vaughn’s Jeremy and Isla Fisher’s Gloria ending up together in spite of her tying him up while he was asleep and forcing him to have s3x with her.

 3. Christian Grey and Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey

The concept of Fifty Shades of Grey was supposed to be a wild fantasy where a rich and handsome man does BDSM with a meek woman. But let us consider this fantasy as a reality for once. A millionaire predator signs a deal with a lamb-like stranger to perform BDSM. She gets on board with the stranger with no expectation for money or romance.

 4. Dana and Venkman in Ghostbusters

Venkam was a professor who used to hit on his female students and punish his male students in the name of experiment on negative reinforcements. He also used the haunted apartment to his advantage so Dana would go out with him. In the end, all of it was forgiven and Dana fell for Peter Venkman as he broke the curse that turned her into a dog. Because patients always fall in love with their doctors and end up happily ever after.

 5. Eowyn and Faramir in Lord of the Rings

Eowyn was in love with Aragorn for the most part of the LOTR franchise but ends up getting hurt. Before she even moves on Aragorn, she falls in love with Faramir in a short span of time. Faramir wasn’t even a rebound but a serious deal.

 6. Rachel and Deckard in Blade Runner

Romantic Scenes In Movies Creepy
Romantic Scenes In Movies Creepy

In Blade Runner, when Deckard attempted to kiss Rachel, she pushed him away and tried to leave the room. But the guy literally holds her up, bangs the door shut, and pushes her against the wall so tightly that she could barely move. And what does Rachel do next? She begs him to kiss her. Yup, because he was just waiting for her consent.

 7. Snape and Lily in Harry Potter Series

“Even after all this time?” “Always”. This is one of the most heart-warming moments in the Harry Potter series that always fills up our eyes with tears. Snape’s love for Lily is phenomenal and is always regarded as one of the best love stories. But have you ever given a thought to how one-sided this love was? Snape was willing to get Lilly’s husband and son killed so he could have her for himself.

 8. Lloyd and Diane in Say Anything

Why are the male protagonists so delusional? No matter how many times the female lead says no, they will assume it to be a yes and keep stalking her until she concedes. Lloyd did the exact same thing to Diane and kept following her in spite of her constantly rejecting him. And then one day, Diane falls in love with him and they develop a warm relationship.

 9. Ike and Maggie in Runaway Bride

How would you feel if your ex who dumped you, sneaks up in your hotel room? Ike and Maggie moved their separate ways after she dumped him at the altar. The next time he saw her, Maggie was sitting and waiting for him in his hotel room. Yup, boundaries don’t matter in the name of love.

 10. Sam and Quorra in Tron: Legacy

Romantic Scenes In Movies Creepy
Romantic Scenes In Movies Creepy

Sam’s father had created a computer program named Tron. That technically made Sam and Tron siblings without a blood bond. Even if we choose to dismiss the sibling relationship, Tron was a computer program at the end of the day with whom Sam fell in love. Is human face all it takes to get romantically involved?

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