Rogers The Musical In Hawkeye Could Ruin Bucky’s Ongoing MCU Story

The upcoming projects in the MCU seem to be hinting at what we can expect from the next massive Avengers-like team-up. But at the same time, the projects also seem to be working on what might have happened to the past characters. While some of these past characters are passing their legacy to newer heroes and at the same time others are just aiming at a different means of continuing to exist in the MCU. Bucky is one such character who will probably stick around in the MCU for a while now. The trailer for Disney Plus’s next Marvel series Hawkeye hinted at a Broadway show called Rogers: The Musical probably based on the arc of Captain America. Let’s take a look at how Rogers The Musical in Hawkeye might affect Bucky’s story in Phase 4 of MCU. 


Marvel’s Hawkeye series will show us the titular character’s world post the events of Avengers: Endgame. This looks like an exciting feat considering we are yet to find a lot about him. The story will navigate around the idea that someone stars copying his time as Ronin. He discovers it is Kate Bishop, as played by Hailee Steinfeld, and he takes her under his wings to fight some enemies. All this would also give us a much deeper look into sides of Hawkeye that we might not have been able to witness before. While the story’s primary focus might be this but Marvel is definitely gonna drop hints about what’s been happening in the rest of the world all along.


Rogers The Musical In Hawkeye

The trailer for the series gives us a look at a Broadway show that takes place in the MCU titled Rogers: The Musical. It is shown that Clint Barton takes his kids to watch this play. We get to see the cast of the show with someone playing Captain America and the other Avengers appear to be standing in the background. It seems to resemble musicals of the likes of Hamilton as the actors seem to be dancing around in an upbeat routine. Even though this show might be exploring Cap’s story, there is a chance that it might affect Bucky’s story at present.


Bucky’s Arc

Bucky has had a difficult storyline ever since he was invoked into the MCU. But throughout all of his adventures he has been associated with Captain American. Cap took the responsibility of helping Bucky redeem himself from his time as the Winter Soldier. That took a major amount of changes and fights but it seemed to be worth the attempt as Bucky continues to be an essential hero in the MCU. But the past still haunts Bucky in a way that will continue to stay for quite a time now. His personality is completely different from what we had once seen when he was recruited into the troop along with Steve Rogers.


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series offered us a chance to witness the character in ways that we hadn’t before. We got to see a side of him that was always there and continuously affecting him. Bucky suffers from nightmares and attends therapy for the actions that haunt him from his past. We discover that he carries a list of names of people who were massively affected by the events that transpired during his time as the Winter Soldier. Bucky even befriends the father of one of his victims in the series. But later he decides to come up clean and let him know what he had done.


Rogers The Musical In Hawkeye

It’s fairly obvious that a Steve Rogers Broadway show might affect him and his storyline in the MCU. As Captain America’s best friend, Bucky has to be mentioned in the series. This mention might include how Cap helped redeem him from his previous acts. Bucky surely doesn’t want a reminder of all this rubbed into his face in the form of a Broadway Musical. This will become an annoying means of reminding him of his old friend. We can be definitely sure that Bucky is the last person to be attending the show.


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