10 Movie Villains Who Turned Out To Be Right

Everyone is a hero of their own stories. Sometimes we see heroes as the good guys because of how they are portrayed. Tables might turn sharply if we look from a different angle. If we are shown a villain’s perspective and reason, we might not necessarily see them as the buy guys. They are mostly projected as heartless creatures who can go to any extent to get things done. But most of us might have done the same thing if we were in their position. Find out 10 movies villains turned out to be right.

Steve Hadley in The Cabin in the Woods

Movie Villains urned Out To Be Right

Steve Hadley had committed horrible and unforgivable things. He killed children and teenagers by sending monstrous creatures after them. But Hadley didn’t do it for fun and personal gain. Had he not done his job and served the Ancient Ones, the lives of trillions of people on the planet would have been at risk. What would you have done if the life of every single human on earth rested on your shoulder?

Principal in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris’ principal, Ed Rooney was undeniably insane and weird for his obsession with a student. He stalked Ferris everywhere and was hell-bent on spoiling his day. It’s impossible to even see a dean of a school break into a student’s house out of obsession. But Principal Rooney wasn’t a sadistic man who simply enjoyed ruining Ferris’ day. His student had bunked school numerous times and as a result, was drowning in his studies.

Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz

The name right there calls her “wicked” who was conceptualized to scare away children. But the Wicked Witch was avenging her sister’s murder and only wanted her slippers back. Yes, she was hell-bent on finding young Dorothy. But that little kid had not only stolen her slippers but also killed her sister in the process.

Roy Batty in Blade Runner

Roy Batty was the Leader of Cyborgs who was trained in combat and considered a threat to earth. He caused a great deal of trouble but it was all in defense to live longer. Mankind wanted the end of this cyborg that had never even planned anything against them. There was no evidence of him threatening the existence of human life. Everything he did was out of his desperation to be on the planet for more time.

Dalton Russell in Inside Man

Dalton Russell’s bank robbery had taken the city by storm and traumatized the hostages who were forced to go through hell. But Russell had only one aim, to get his hands on the evidence against the bank chairman’s collusion with Nazis. We can’t ignore the terrible things Dalton did to the hostages, including making them strip at gun point. But All Dalton didn’t care about bribes and ransom; he wanted to destroy the chairman for his treachery.

Mystique in X-Men

Movie Villains urned Out To Be Right
Movie Villains turned Out To Be Right

Mystique was portrayed as a villain for ditching Xavier’s plans to coexist peacefully and joining Magneto in the battle against non-mutants. But who is to be blamed for the hatred inside her? Throughout her childhood, Mystique had to use her powers to hide her true self to avoid hatred and abuse. She was never respected or treated like a human but instead attacked for being different.

Jack Doyle in Gone Baby Gone

Morgan Freeman played Captain Jack Doyle in “Gone Baby Gone” who kidnapped the young girl Amanda McCready and made it look like a doing of a drug dealer. His act led to many deaths and raised panic in the town. But Doyle was only trying to give a better future to Amanda who was being raised by negligent parents. Amanda’s parents barely knew anything about their daughter and even stole money from a drug lord.

Tyler Durden in Fight Club

Tyler was the evil alternate personality of Jack in the form of Brad Pitt. He thought he was having fun but in reality, he was wreaking havoc with violence and destruction. He was causing chaos and breaking order in the city by vandalizing and damaging properties, beating up authorities, and behaving wildly. Tyler was simply the manifestation of Jack’s split personality caused by insomnia and frustration. He wanted Jack to break free of the shackles of the corporates and the society.

Ozymandias from Watchmen

Ozymandias was a proud and pretentious bad guy who could never return from the horrific things he did. He treated everyone beneath him and went too far by killing millions for his goal. But Ozymandias was aiming for world peace and unity by creating a common and bigger enemy against humanity.

Captain Victor Tupolev in The Hunt for Red October

Movie Villains urned Out To Be Right
Movie Villains turned Out To Be Right

Soviet Captain Tupolev had only one aim, to sink the Red October and kill his fellow officer and the rest of the enemies onboard. While the soldier of the opposing nation is painted as a villain, they are seen as heroes in their own country. Something similar can be about Tupolev who was seen as evil but was only serving his duties as a naval officer. In fact, he himself stepped forward to kill his friend, Sean Connery’s Ramius, for his treason. That’s because he didn’t trust anyone else would kill his fellow officer with respect.

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