• MoviesMovie Villains turned Out To Be Right

    10 Movie Villains Who Turned Out To Be Right

    Everyone is a hero of their own stories. Sometimes we see heroes as the good guys because of how they are portrayed. Tables might turn sharply if we look from a different angle. If we are shown a villain’s perspective and reason, we might not necessarily see them as the buy guys. They are mostly projected as heartless creatures who…

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  • MoviesKeanu Reeves Dr. Manhattan Zack Snyder Watchmen

    Keanu Reeves Almost Played Dr. Manhattan in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen

    Keanu Reeves Dr. Manhattan: Before Zack Snyder’s Justice League was turned into the Josstice League, before his controversial take on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, there was his controversial take on the dark and gritty Watchmen! If you thought that Man of Steel was dark, wait till you watch Zack Snyder’s 3 hour-long Watchmen which doesn’t even have a…

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  • MoviesJustice League V Watchmen Doctor Manhattan

    Justice League V Watchmen: Doctor Manhattan Seems to be Unstoppable

    Justice League V Watchmen: We all come across a lot of fan-made trailers of many dream movie projects on YouTube every day but this one from Alex Luthor on Youtube is getting a lot of great reviews and comments as he has made the trailer of a ‘Doomsday Clock movie’ in which we are going to see Justice League up…

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