10 Most Iconic Movies And Series That Almost Didn’t Happen

A lot of classic movies and TV shows that you still enjoy watching today were almost canceled. The history of Hollywood wouldn’t have been the same without these masterpieces. They were either deterred by the financial crisis or disliked by the test audience and producers. Little did they know back then that they were stopping a legendary piece from reaching the world. Thankfully the projects happened anyway because we cannot imagine our lives without some of them. We have legit spent half of our time on these shows and even bonded with people over the mentioned movies. Here are the 10 most iconic movies and series that almost didn’t happen.

Pulp Fiction

This classic action that is still considered as one of the best pieces Hollywood has ever seen was rejected by the studios. It was Tristar productions that turned down the original script by calling it “demented”, “worst screenplay”, and “awful”. Then Quentin Tarantino made tiny changes and proposed the script to Miramax productions who loved it instantly and financed the greatest film ever.

Game of Thrones

Movies And Series Almost Didn’t Happen

The historical piece that took the world by storm was almost on its way to the bin after the pilot episode. HBO was not only unimpressed by the pilot and hated it so much that they were going to cancel it. This pilot also starred Tamzin Merchant as Daenerys Targaryen. They had no other option but to reshoot the whole pilot and also replace Merchant with Emilia Clarke. The rest is history! In fact, the poor reception of the pilot led the directors to recast many characters.

Back To The Future

“Back To The Future” came at a time when production houses were skeptical about science fiction especially the ones that involved out-of-the-box ideas of time traveling. It wasn’t until recently that sci-fi became cash cows and every producer’s dream. The idea of the film was turned down over 40 times for its sci-fi and bold plot.

Lord Of The Rings

Director Peter Jackson was finding it hard to find any studio to help him turn the iconic book into a movie. But none of them was interested in the fantasy drama. After repeated rejections, Jackson had given up and was on his way to New Zealand when New Line Cinema saw his vision and contacted him.


FriendsNetflix Series That You Can’t Stop Watching

Calling “Friends” one of the most popular sitcoms in history is an understatement. It’s true that some of its jokes are turning old and fans are growing out of it but the show still holds a great viewership. It has been watched by fans over 100 times and still keeps adding newer and newer viewers. But before airing, it was straightaway rejected by the test audience. They found the jokes unoriginal and less witty. Little did they know that it would turn everyone’s lives around.

Blade Runner

Everything was finalized for the classic sci-fi and it was nearing its principal photography when the production company Filmways backed out at the last moment and withdrew the $2.5 million it had invested. Producer Michael Deeley managed to get $21.5 million from The Ladd Company, Sir Run Run Shaw, and Tandem Productions.


Movies And Series Almost Didn’t Happen
Movies And Series Almost Didn’t Happen

Edward Neumeier came up with the idea of a robotic cop while he was working on the sets of “Blade Runner” sticking wet newspapers on the wall. As he finally penned down his vision and took the script to director Paul Verhoeven, he threw it away and abused the script. But when his wife saw the script, she went through it and suggested Paul to go ahead with it and turn it into a comedy and action.

The Godfather

Could there be “The Godfather” without Francis Coppola and Marlon Brando? Definitely not. One of the greatest masterpieces of cinemas wouldn’t have existed because it was rejected by at least 10 directors. Somehow it was destined to reach the iconic director Francis Coppola’s hands who rejected it at first but ended up taking the project. This became one of his best pieces ever created by him that also earned him an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Movies And Series Almost Didn’t Happen
Movies And Series Almost Didn’t Happen

If you have seen the latest Netflix show “Bridgerton” you know how the bachelors approached Daphne when the Duke showed interest in her. Similarly, the idea of the classic horror “A Nightmare On Elm Street” was shunned by all the major studios until New Line Cinema came in. It instantly attracted all the investors who started pouring in their money.


It’s hard to pick out one best work of the horror-thriller author Stephen King. Many of his chilling stories have been adapted to movies and one of the earliest stories was “Carrie”. The original 1976 “Carrie” is still admired by cinephiles and regarded as one of the best horror classics. However, Stephen King had given up on the story midway and threw away the pages. Luckily, his wife found the discarded pages, read them, and encouraged King to finish them.

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