What if The Sony-Disney Fallout is a Plan to Hide The Story of Spider-Man 3?

Sony-Disney Fallout Plan to Hide Story of Spider-Man 3:

The partnership between Sony and Disney was a treat to witness for the last 5 years. Never before had 2 studios worked together in such a way over a character. Marvel was getting to use Spider-Man in their crossovers, and Sony was getting the benefit of the Marvel branding and the priceless guidance of Kevin Feige. Sure they had a lot to benefit from the deal, but they deserved that. It’s because ultimately they are the ones who own Spider-Man. So, a fallout from their side just didn’t feel right.

Sony-Disney Fallout Plan to Hide Story of Spider-Man 3

Disney recently acquired a bunch of new properties for Marvel to use. So, they want Feige to spend time on those properties, rather than developing Sony’s films. Both companies seem to have gone their own ways after that. But, what if all of this is to conceal the true story of the next Spider-Man movie? His sweet ride in the MCU can’t be over so abruptly, just like that. What if Spider-Man: Far From Home will secretly take place in the MCU, but Spider-Man wouldn’t know about it?

Sony-Disney Fallout Plan to Hide Story of Spider-Man 3

How would that be possible? Remember the Framework from Agents of SHIELD Season 4? Peter Parker could actually have been taken captive while he was fighting with Mysterio. And he could have been put in a Framework like a state where he’d be living an illusion from there on out. For those who don’t know, the Framework is a state where the mind lives a programmed life while the physical body is put in a deep sleep.


Sony-Disney Fallout Plan to Hide Story of Spider-Man 3

So, Mysterio could have caught Spider-Man, and he may have put him in this state with the help of his other wealthy friends. It means that whatever little happened in the fight with Mysterio, the Peter Tingle, Mysterio dying and then the universal identity reveal of Peter Parker could all be an illusion that Peter is made to live through.

Sony-Disney Fallout Plan to Hide Story of Spider-Man 3

After revealing Peter’s identity to the world Spider-Man 3 begins. Peter tries to seek the heroes for help, but all of a sudden those heroes aren’t there. The Avengers aren’t a thing. As it is all in the illusion. And, we find out about this twist till the first half of the movie. That’s how deeply Mysterio wants to mess with Peter’s mind. He wants to make him feel helpless. It is in the second half that Happy and Peter’s friends then free him, and he kicks Mysterio’s ass for real this time! And, by the end of the movie, a black screen comes up and it has this written on it:

“Spider-Man will return in the MCU”

Sony-Disney Fallout Plan to Hide Story of Spider-Man 3

This is the magical thinking that we’ve been led to believe. Spidey leaving the MCU has left us paranoid. We want him to return, and that’s how these crazy theories pointing to his return come in. The Sony Disney fallout isn’t a lie, because Sony’s stock actually dipped after the news of their separation with Disney broke out. If this were to be a secret thing to hide the conspiring story of Spider-Man, then real stakes wouldn’t have been involved. Hence, Spider-Man 3 will indeed be out of the MCU.

Sony-Disney Fallout Plan to Hide Story of Spider-Man 3

The statement of Sony Chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra is proof. He said:

“For the moment the door is closed. We had a great run on the Spider-Man movies. We tried to see if there’s a way to work it out… the Marvel people are terrific people, we have great respect for them, but on the other hand we have some pretty terrific people of our own. Kevin Feige didn’t do all the work.

Spider-Man was fine before the event movies, did better with the event movies, and now that we have our own universe, he will play off the other characters as well. I think we’re pretty capable of doing what we have to do here.”

Let’s just hope that these doors are opened to let Marvel in!

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