10 Challenging Times Actors Refused to Use Body Doubles

Actors Refused to Use Body Doubles:

Various actors see a bold scene in different ways. They don’t mind showing extra skin or doing an intimate scene in the name art. Most of the critically acclaimed actors faced much turbulence in their journey to success. It put through some grueling and challenging moments where they could have opted for a body double. But these stars didn’t become iconic in a day. They gracefully took the challenges and refused to use body doubles for some of the toughest scenes. Find out 10 times when actors refused to use a body double for particular scenes.

 1. Christian Bale

Bale has never shied away from taken control over the screen with his mere presence. A man who can transform himself like a shape-shifter and lose 50 pounds for a role won’t mind nudity. He was totally on board with stripping off clothes in the horror-thriller American Psycho.

 2. Dakota Johnson

If you were expecting to see Fifty Shades of Grey on this list, you’re right! Dakota was willing to do each and every scene in the erotic drama without a body double. It’s hard to say whether it was her passion for art or the movie’s unfaithfulness to the novel that convinced her.

 3. Anne Hathaway

Anne may find doing nude scenes “intensely mortifying” but she embraced it in the name of art. The snazzy actress flaunted her back in Havoc and Love and Other Drugs without using a body double.

 4. Emilia Clarke

Game of Thrones played with mind-bending politics and wars in a way that took everyone by storm. But it also owes its success to innumerable adult scenes whose vividness had our gaze frozen to the screens. Emilia Clarke did an excellent job of playing Daenerys Targaryen who wasn’t spared from the infamous GOT graphics. Clarke recalled her steamy scene with Michiel Huisman as “brilliant”.  However, she stopped such scenes after it became too awkward for her to watch with her family.

 5. Halle Berry

The evergreen Halle Berry earned critical acclamation and an Academy Award for Monster Ball. But her journey in the movie wasn’t easy as it also required her to do love scenes with Billy Bob Thornton’s character. But she understood the world of art and didn’t delay the scene. Her undeterred dedication paid off well.

 6. Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence is admired for her acting chops and for her bravery. She strongly held herself together when her private pictures were hacked and leaked online. The actress retrieved the power in her hands when she played the bold and nude scenes in Red Sparrow with confidence. She did justice to her movie character as well as to herself.

 7. Kate Winslet

Kate is one of the finest and most modest actresses in the industry who rose to stardom from Titanic. Despite her discomfort and awkwardness, Kate gave life to Rose by doing absolute justice to the painting and the passionate love scene with Leonardo’s Jack. She doesn’t view such scenes as anything other than a part of her profession.

 8. Jason Segal

Most of us recognize Jason as the adorable Marshall from the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Though it was a romantic show on modern dating, it wasn’t known or vivid love-making scenes. However, Forgetting Sarah Marshall was a whole new ball game for Jason. But he didn’t make a big deal out of it and played the nude scenes himself.

 9. Charlie Hunnam

The jaw-dropping graphic nudity of Charlie’s character in Sons of Anarchy had us assume that it was a body double. Little did we know that Charlie took the challenge himself without any hesitance. Given the actor’s ballsy history in the crime drama, we shouldn’t be surprised.

 10. Richard Gere

Richard was a renowned actor of his time whose best performance happens to be in Pretty Woman and Primal Fear. One of his lesser-known works was American Gigolo which, as the name suggests, needed him to show more skin. But the young and handsome actor was comfortable in flaunting his body.

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