MCU Villain Chris Evans Would Like To Play

Chris Evans has been one of the biggest stars of the MCU and the face of the greatest team in the comics- Avengers, the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And now that the MCU is expanding at a faster rate than ever, fans want him back. So, when asked, Chris Evans revealed that he wants to play this villain from the comics. Keep up with the post to find more about the villain character Evans to take on.

Avengers: Endgame Captain America MCU
Avengers: Endgame Captain America MCU

Chris Evans has been playing the MCU’s Captain America since his first solo outing as the character in the 2011 movie. In his decade-long stint as the Star-Spangled Man, he became synonymous with his character. He became somewhat of an inspiration to his fans who looked up to him. So much so that his fans are far from done with seeing him as Cap. Since we last saw him at the end of Avengers: Endgame, fans are speculating about his return. Additionally, reporters have asked Evans if and when he will take on the role again. We haven’t gotten much from the actor except the fact that even he is excited about his return.


Evans has admitted, that just like his fans, he is also a big fanboy of the MCU. He still watches the new MCU movies and binges on the Disney+ originals. And when he got a chance, he even cameoed in Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy, featuring his MCU character’s iconic Shield for a short time. And when he was promoting his recent Disney, he admitted that he wants to return but is still reluctant to because he doesn’t want to ruin the ending his character got. However, he would be willing to if the script was perfect. And even if it is, his return “would be a long order.” But the important thing to note here is, that it is not absolutely out of the realm of possibility.



Chris Evans might be set in our minds as the righteous Steve Rogers but not every universe’s Steve Rogers has to be perfect. And now that the Multiverse is a real thing in the MCU, Chris can take on any version of the character he wants. Hell, he is no longer limited to only playing Steve Rogers. Many fans had been speculating as to what Evans should play. Now that Multiverse was open for business, there were no limits to the possibility, hero or otherwise. But we were shocked when we heard what villain Evans wants to play if given the choice.


This was during another one of his promotional interviews for his recent movie, Lightyear. An interviewer for Buzzfeed Celebrity asked what Marvel Villain would Evans be up for playing in the MCU. And of all the immense number of villains, he wanted to take on Loki. And the reason for his statement was the amount of fun it would be to play the literal God of Mischief.

If I can play any Marvel villain…Loki seems to have the most fun.


MCU Villain Chris Evans Would Like To Play

This seems fitting as Evans, himself is quite mischievous. Plus, he knows exactly what to bring when playing the character. I mean, Loki disguised as Steve Rogers at one point in Thor: The Dark World. And Evans had to play Rogers acting like Loki. And adding to this, Evans may have a face to play the protagonist but he has got the confidence one needs to pull off a villain. His character in 2019’s Knives Out is the perfect example one can find. He is a spoiled grandkid of a rich grandfather and is willing to go to any lengths to get what he deserves. I mean, that is pretty much what Loki had been up to until he reformed in Thor: Ragnarok.


In conclusion, Evans is one versatile actor who will be able to play almost everything you throw at him. Fans are rooting to see him play Captain America who became Hydra’s henchman, aka Captain Hydra. And if possible, fans want to see him reprise his first Marvel role as Johnny Storm, aka Human Torch. There are a lot of possibilities and if we know Marvel, they won’t disappoint us when it will come to Evans returning to the MCU.


Which character would you like for Chris Evans to take on when he returns to the MCU? Do let us know in the comments.

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