10 Arrowverse Supervillains Who Are Way Better Than The Superheroes

In all these years, the Arrowverse has given us a busload of Supervillains. They are so many in numbers that we could not care to count. Most of them are too forgettable and expendable within the Arrowverse. But some of them do stick. They create an impression so everlasting that we are forced to take notice. Presenting 10 Arrowverse supervillains who are way better than the superheroes…..

Slade Wilson

One of the most bad ass characters ever, Manu Bennett’s terrific portrayal of Slade Wilson won the hearts of a gazillion. Slade Wilson started off as Oliver’s friend but quickly turned into his deadliest foe. His moral compass is so complex and his badassery so on point, that it is difficult to see him as a villain at times.

Killer Frost

The white hair are frosty accent is most certainly a turn on. Killer Frost is more of an anti-hero within the Arrowverse than a villain. She will help if the circumstances demand her to. But she has her own, icy way of doing things. Add to that, Danielle Panabaker’s ‘Killer’ looks and we got a winner.


You certainly don’t want to tick his wrong vein. Mick Rory’s fascination with fire took a turn for the worse when he set his own house on fire and watched (and enjoyed) his family burn before his eyes. He has become a valuable asset to the Legends. He is a hero now but his villainous ways have left a scar too deep in his heart. And we love him when he goes all berserk when there’s no beer in the Waverider!!!

Malcolm Merlyn

The Black Archer is one of Arrow’s fiercest enemies/allies. He started out as a villain in Arrow season 1. But he always had the best interests at heart for everyone. He only wanted to destroy the Glades to save Star City from imploding any further. His dedication to protect Thea is commendable and heroic in its own twisted way.

Eobard Thawne

Arrowverse SuperVillains
Arrowverse SuperVillains

Did you really think we would make a list without Reverse Flash?!?! Eobard Tawne is the reason Barry Allen became the Flash. Barry Allen is the reason Eobard Thawne became the Reverse Flash. It is all a vicious circle of temporal paradoxes. He has helped the Flash correct the Flashpoint timeline too. So he ain’t all bad. Je is just a really, really selfish guy.

Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord does not have superpowers. Yet he still managed to give Super Girl, a woman who can literally lift an entire building, a run for her money. Maxwell does not trust the notion of superheroes. He is wary that the world’s blind trust in them may backfire, once the superheroes decide to go rogue. His fear is legitimate. His intentions twisted but noble.


Okay he is the Villain. But he also played the hero as Jay Garrick. And he did a fairly good job at it. Zoom became the Flash of his own Earth because he was too bored of playing the Villain. He wanted to give people hope. O he could take it away later on as Zoom. He is one demented freak but he is really good at what he does.

The Thinker and the Mechanic

The Thinker is one of The Flash’s greatest villains yet. He does get his fair share of criticism but you gotta praise the Flash show runners for breaking tradition and casting a non-speedster as the Villain of the Flash. The Thinker’s body switching powers are fairly interesting on the show. But the real star is most certainly The Mechanic, the Thinker’s wife and the person who will most probably bring him down.

Damien Darhk

Damien Darhk’s quick wit and humor in the direst of situations always make him an interesting guy on screen. He first debuted in Arrow season4 and brought Magic into the Arrowverse. He was a part of the Legion of Doom in Legends of Tomorrow season 2. The smart and suave villain is back again in Legends of Tomorrow season 3.

Captain Cold

Arrowverse SuperVillains
Arrowverse SuperVillains

He’s cool (pun intended). One of the coolest, if you ask me. Captain Cold is one of those villains that have so much more than what meets the eye. He started off as a robber who gave the Flash a run for his money using just his wits. A life as a villain still couldn’t stop him from saving the entire timeline (and therefore, all of reality) when he sacrificed himself to give the Legends a fighting chance against Vandal Savage in Season 1. His last lines – ‘There are no strings on me!!!’ Like I said, he’s cool.

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