Independence Day: Resurgence Review

After long twenty years a sequel to the 1996 alien invasion blockbuster hit film Independence Day has been finally released. Ronald Emmerich is back as the director and this time the destruction will be far more beyond imaginations. Independence Day was released on July 2, 1996, and became one of the most successful films ever made. The promotional strategy was also different from other movies. The posters focused mainly on the destruction of iconic buildings rather than the lead cast! To be more precise, no posters were released showing the faces of the lead actors. And all these promotional strategies worked big time and it helped to lift the movie to a whole new level even before its release.

Independence Day: Resurgence shows the return of the aliens to our planet, but this time it is worse than the previous. After the happenings of the first movie, Earth Space Defense (ESD) is created by United Nations with an aim to receive early warnings. At some point of the movie, we are shown that the ESD shoots down an alien ship which entered near ESD’s Defense Headquarters in Moon. Some guys from the ESD visits the crash site avoiding the strict warning from the ESD authorities. Suddenly a spaceship arrives which is very much bigger than the one shown in the first part and destructs the Moon Base. That’s it. There begin the massive destructions.

The main problem with the movie lies in within the assembling of so many unwanted characters. Seriously, there are a lot of unwanted characters and the funniest part is that each and every character is given space for reactions. It took pretty much time to reach and establish the basic plot of the movie and till that time, it was filled with a hell lot of conversations. It was good to see the return of the actors like Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, and Judd Hirsh. You would be also surprised to see Brent Spiner in the movie whom we all thought was dead. The reason behind his return is another seriously funny joke. Find it yourself.

Independence Day: Resurgence is grand, more destructive, rich in actions, and as said earlier, the spaces ships are also much bigger. But sadly it is a total mess up. It doesn’t mean that the movie is awful or stuff like that. But is it not satisfactory at all. We have seen all these types of alien invasions in many movies and Independence Day: Resurgence is no different. The movie failed to create at least half the curiosity and thrill delivered by its predecessor. The movie ends with opening up space for a possible sequel. In an interview, Ronald Emmerich said that he would consider making a third part depending on the verdict of the second film. As of now, it is better to stop with this one.

Is Independence Day: Resurgence a satisfying sequel? The destructions and space ships are much bigger. But are they enough to make a good movie?


Joyal Jose

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