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Aquaman vs Namor: Who is the True King of the seas

Aquaman is a very powerful character in the DC Universe. To the people of the sea, he is akin to a God, nay he is above that because he has defeated Gods numerous times. The man took the war to Amazons, he is ruthless in his conduct at times. On the other hand, Marvel has Namor. He is also said to be the king of the seas. So it begs the question, Aquaman vs Namor: Who is the True King Of The Seas?

The True Hero

An international sting thing about Namor is that he was actually created before Aquaman. This means that king of the Atlantis was an original idea from Marvel. Aquaman was introduced in 1949 while Namor has been around since 1939. Another interesting fact is that Aquaman has always been a hero while Namor has had a more anti-hero role in Marvel Comics. This makes Aquaman a more worthy individual to take the phone.


There is a thin line between pride as a virtue and pride as a sin. More often than not, Namor chooses to brandish his pride as both. Aquaman has been unsure about his worth as the king, but Namor has never questioned his legacy. The Marvel antihero is infamous for his arrogance and his never-ending self-confidence. That’s one point for Namor.

Victory through struggle

Aquaman vs Namor

The throne never came to Aquaman naturally. He was born to a human father and an Atlantean mother, his throne was usurped many times and he had to reclaim it by fighting his brother Orm. It was all for the better when it was revealed how much Atlantis flourished under Aquaman.

Undisputed Birthright

Unlike Aquaman, Namor is the one true ruler of the seas in Marvel comics. There is no one to question his birthright and none may dare against the power of the Sub Mariner. We can only hope that no fool is crazy enough to plan a revolt because Namor will crush them under his heel without remorse.

Perks of a Hero

Being the kind of man he is, Arthur Curry has garnered a lot of support from other heroes because of his efforts on saving the earth. Aquaman is part of the Justice League and was even the leader of the league on several occasions. This shows us that he has allowed he can call upon when in need of help. Allies like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Cyborg. Each one of them, a substantial threat in their own right.

Atlantis forever

Unlike Aquaman, Namor is the person who needs no allies. He has continually rejected team affiliations and other such alliances and honors because he has no intention of doing anything other than protecting Atlantis. That is his sole goal and he will not be deterred from it or distracted by something else.

The True King

Aquaman vs Namor

Aquaman may not be the most powerful creature on earth or even in the water but he is a benevolent king. The character is kind and full of love and concern for his people. He is not ruthless, he is always concerned with doing the right thing. This is what a ruler should be like and everything that Odin wanted from THOR. Arthur realizes the responsibility on his shoulder and does his duty as he should.

The true Ruler

While Aquaman shows benevolence, Namor is more strict with his love. He rules with an iron fist, like a true powerful ruler. Part of the reason why his rule is unchallenged is that no one dares oppose such a ruler. He may break the palace with his power, it is better to admire than trying to irk them and such is the case with Namor.

I hear you talk to fish

Although the first version of Justice League made fun of the power, but “talking to fish” is not a power to be underestimated. Aquaman’s ability to communicate with the fish folk has given him a slew of allies that are faster and more lethal than any human. We almost always get to see him arrive on a very large sea creature when he enters the fray. This is kind of his signature move and this makes him a top contender to be the King of Atlantis.


As previously disclosed, Namor is more an anti-hero than a villain or a hero. This means that he normally takes up the antagonist role in comic storylines. Pair this positioning with the fact that Namor has a very big head and you have a very problematic character. Major is quite ruthless while dealing with enemies, he does not bow to anyone and crushes everyone in his way. A kind of ruthlessness necessary for military leadership.

So who is the True King in Aquaman vs Namor? Well, I really can’t choose. You guys decide and tell us in the comments.

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