Guardians 3 Will Continue a Major Phase 4 Tradition

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at a pace that many might consider unreal for the franchise. Not only are we witnessing the debut of innumerable new characters but the introduction of the multiverse has changed things completely. In this chaos and time of growth, Marvel Studios is trying hard to distinguish its native universe from every other version in the Multiverse. They even went as far as naming their universe 616 in Multiverse of Madness. (This is technically wrong since Earth-616 is supposed to be the comic universe and MCU was actually termed Earth-199999). But there is another Phase 4 tradition that is working to change the MCU forever. Ever since the advent of Thanos and the incident only known as “The Blip” things have been quite different in the MCU.

This cinematic universe started as some sort of a hyper-real reality. The aim of Iron Man and other Phase 1 movies was to make sure that the portrayal of the characters was more grounded in reality than anything else. Both Marvel Studios and the directors sought to create something that would look and feel believable and relatable. Iron Man was especially successful with this idea because everything that is done in the movie is possible in the real world, except the arc reactor power source of the suit. But then came Thanos, which led to realism being thrown out of the window. During Phases 2 and 3, the studio slowly moved away from grounded reality into the surreal and the absurd. This was Marvel Studios trying to embrace their source material.


Phase 4 Tradition of The MCU

It took a little longer than they had anticipated. But Phase 4 has gotten them closer than ever before. Ever since the conclusion of the Infinity Saga, Marvel has been more forthcoming with comic absurdity than ever before. Let’s start with the first piece of content that we got in Phase WandaVision. That show was nothing like anything we had seen before. I mean, a sitcom structure with cameos from Fox characters and absurdity out the wazoo. It was akin to reading a comic book and this is the idea behind Marvel’s Phase 4 . They are bringing more of that flavor into the MCU.


When we look at Phase 4 shows and movies, one thing becomes abundantly clear. Marvel Studios no longer wants to shy away from the traditional costumes of their characters. Wanda got her comic costume in WandaVision, Old Loki was seen wearing the classic costume in Loki. Similarly, Hawkeye marked the first time that Clint and Kate dressed up in their superhero attire and No Way Home saw the return of the classic Spidey costume. All of this is to say that the reveal of Star-Lord’s costume is just the continuation of this tradition in Phase 4.


Phase 4 tradition

If we look carefully at Pratt’s costume in the above set photos then we can see that he is going to sport a comic accurate attire. This is called the Ravager costume and indicates that the Ravagers will become more than just a disorganized group of space bandits. Star_lord has embraced his life as a Ravager and it seems that he will make sure that these people embrace the world around them and their responsibility as the Guardians of the Galaxy.


The Future

Another Phase 4 tradition that Marvel has been doing is having their main characters come to the realization that they are responsible for more than just their own team. This is done by putting them in predicaments that are not easily resolved. Something that ensures both character development and the ascension of the character onto greater heights. We think Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will do the same thing by making Star-Lord the de facto leader of all Ravagers.


We do not know if this storyline will actually take place, but we can hope that it does. Anything else we say will only amount to speculation at this point.

Let us know what you think about this Phase 4 tradition down in the comments. Also, share your thoughts on Star-Lord’s new costume and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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