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Here’s Why The Rock Raccoon Cameo Was Deleted From Loki

The Marvel Cinematic Universe now sprawls numerous movies and a lot of other related media content. It includes television shows, OTT shows, comic tie-ins, and even more varied content. As the years have gone by, things have grown more and more. The MCU has become more complex and even more intertwined. Even more so with the introduction of the multiverse in Phase 4 of the franchise. We are about to witness a new era of movie crossovers. It was in this spirit that the Loki showrunners decided to put in a lot of characters from different sub franchises into the show during the “DMV scene”. One of the proposed characters was Rocket the Raccoon but the idea soon got scrapped. The director recently revealed why the Rock Raccoon cameo was deleted from Loki.

The Information

In an interview with  The Direct Loki director Kate Herron had this to say:

“That scene, it wasn’t Rocket specifically. I think the illustrators drew him in as a fun idea because sometimes they’ll pitch stuff and then the studio will be like, ‘Yay or nay.’ I think it never got to the point, unfortunately, because of COVID.

Originally that scene when Loki’s in, we call it the DMV cue, where he watches the Miss Minutes video. Originally, that was going to be full of characters and people. We didn’t know necessarily who those characters were going to be. We were circling on, ‘Maybe it could be fun if a character could be a reference to this film or maybe something from the comics.’ It’s just that when that was scheduled, COVID hit, and then obviously when we were across that four-month gap, and we were looking at it again, we just couldn’t do it safely. Like at least at that time, because it was so early in our schedule.”

Rock Raccoon Cameo Was Deleted

She added:

“But for the inside one with the cue, it just felt like it was sort of putting people at risk in a way that for the story, we were like it’s actually kind of funnier and more ridiculous if he goes in this intricate cue system, and actually there’s no one there. That’s kind of how that one came to pass. I mean, definitely, there’s always Easter Eggs and things that people are pitching and like, you know, for one reason or another I think it’s just usually about choice, right? You just pick the one that everyone’s most excited by and that’s what gets in the show.”

The Breakdown

It seems that to Covid-19, nothing is particularly sacred. We have borne witness to numerous delays and even more haphazard production schedules. Maybe it is because of some other reasons too but the major culprit are the safety concerns amid the pandemic. Kate Herron revealed that they had very ambitious plans for the original “DMV scene” but scrapped it due to safety concerns. The scene was to give homage to a lot of older movies and other properties in the MCU. It could have been the center stage for some brilliant screenplay moments. After all, Marvel Studios does enjoy a visual treat. A scene filled with an assortment of MCU characters ( and their Multiversal variants) might just be the thing we were waiting for.

However, it was not meant to be. Instead, we got the TVA introduction by a menacing Miss Minutes. Her smile pierced right through the walls of our hearts and instilled a sense of impending doom in our souls. Never before had we feared for the safety of our favorite villain? Much less, when the person threatening him with eternal damnation is a virtual artificial intelligence. One can argue that there was no threat in Miss Minutes’ introduction, but I beg to differ. The subsequent events in Loki clearly establish the constant threat of annihilation that Loki has to live under. That he has to function under to labor for the TVA.

Rock Raccoon Cameo Was Deleted

The situation would eventually resolve itself in the season finale but the journey of Loki was something that we do not fancy. I wonder what Rocket Raccoon’s reaction would have been to the TVA technology. The scientist would be absolutely fascinated by 31st-century technology to the point that he would try to steal the majority of it. We only wish we could have seen Rocket and Loki on the same screen interacting with each other. Maybe we will in the future.

Do you think we covered everything? Or have we missed something important? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel.

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