New Theory Reveals that The True Villain of Phase 4 is Not Kang

The Marvel Cinematic Universe now spans Movies, TV shows, Animated series, OTT content, and tie-in comics. Don’t get us wrong. We love the content. I just can’t help but wonder where things are heading. Phase 1 of the MCU was always going to culminate in an Avengers movie, same with Phase 2. Phase 3 of the MCU had the dual part finale in the form of Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. But now we have a Phase 4 that has no end date and no apparent outline. More importantly, we don’t have a concrete villain. The end of Loki teased the appearance of Kang but we don’t think that’s likely. We believe it’s a bait and switch. A new theory reveals that the true villain of Phase 4 is Not Kang.

The Apocalypse

The True Villain of Phase 4

Reddit user u/Daytman posted this theory. The user believes that there is a cataclysmic event in the near future of the MCU. One that Marvel Studios are keeping well under wraps. It is his belief that this is the reason why the marketing of Phase 4 is so haphazard. Daytman even points out that the Covid-19 excuses are nothing but a cover. The story progression has not been halted. It is merely taken far away from the public eye. He iterates the possibility of this apocalyptic event as something that will set up the new main villain and give the Avengers a reason to return.

Take a look at what he has to say:

“My theory assumes that they are deliberately withholding any information that will directly confirm some upcoming event that would be spoiled by having this information. This event is what I’m calling the watershed moment. Originally I thought a watershed moment (especially involving the multiverse) would happen during Infinity War or Endgame based on the very barebones marketing for them but that didn’t happen. Then I started building up hope that it would happen in Wandavision with dreams of her breaking open the multiverse to bring another version of Vision that isn’t dead, but that was disproven. Since the beginning of Loki I’ve thought that it could happen in this show and, with Sylvie bombing the sacred timeline, it seems all but inevitable that we are getting the multiverse.”

The Villain

Now after the end of Loki it seems obvious that the event Daytman was referring to is the multiversal war. At the end of Phase 4, we will see a massive war that will consume all the multiverses. Through that war, we will get the next villains of the MCU. The Reddit user believes that the best candidates to be the next main villain are The Eternals. He even calls them the perfect Anti-Avengers. The Eternals are due to grace the silver screen in November, they will introduce us to a plethora of new super-powered characters. We have met some before, but now we meet the entire family. Bear in mind, they are not humans, so their morals may be a bit skewed by your standards.

The Reddit user put his case forward for the Eternals as villains:

“The Eternals will, at worst, if none of the characters die off or are one-offs, introduce a group of 11 super-powered demigods into the MCU in the same space as everything that is currently going on right now. This introduces a lot of potential problems, both conflicting with the MCU story so far and with the upcoming films. I think the biggest question everyone is wondering is that if they are meant to protect humanity, where have they been? Why have we not seen them?

The True Villain of Phase 4

Though I don’t seek to immediately answer these questions, the core of this theory gets to the core of my questions about the Eternals: how do they fit into the space of the MCU? And (here’s the big theory moment) it’s my belief that they are being set up to be the antagonists.”

The Confirmation

This theory all but confirms previous suspicions that marvel is trying to trick us into believing that they would hand over the reins to someone like Kang. They just want us distracted with the shiny new multiverse war and ignore their main villains. The Eternals are in the perfect position to combat The Avengers. They have the numbers and they have a lot of power. In fact, they have Godly power.

The user gave a list of reasons to prove the legitimacy of his theory, take a look:

Are you convinced by the theory or do you still have some doubts? We believe the theory seems plausible and who doesn’t want to see some Godly battles. Tell us what you think in the comments below and keep checking out this space for everything Marvel.

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